Aimee-Louise Sumner
Bespoke Wedding Planner – Leicestershire & Warwickshire

Since leaving college 11 years ago I have worked in many different roles in the search for the perfect job, but I never found the right one. After helping some friends plan their wedding and running the whole day for them I realised that Wedding Planning was definitely the career path for me. I absolutely fell in love with everything wedding related and since then I started my journey to reach my goal of becoming a full time Wedding Planner. I am completely thrilled to join Bespoke and cannot wait to help as many couples as possible make their dream day happen!

Fun Facts about me:

Q – What is your biggest achievement?
A – I lived and worked in Egypt for 3 years.

Q – What is your favourite treat?
A – I’m obsessed with Reeces peanut butter cups….especially the white chocolate ones!

Q – Is there anything you are scared of?
A –  E.T!

Q- What has been your most bizarre job role to date?
A- I’ve worked as a Christmas Elf at a zoo!