Charlotte Walsgrove
Bespoke Wedding Planner – Staffordshire & Shropshire

When I left school 27 years ago I became a travel agent and I have continued to do this job while having my children Jack now 19 years old and Libby 18, I have always loved arranging clients dream holidays and friends birthdays weddings and christening, so to have this opportunity with Bespoke Weddings to help couples create their unforgettable day seems like a dream come true for me.

Fun Facts about me:

Q – What is the top of your holiday destinations?
A – Maldives before they disappear forever!

Q – What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
A – Rum n Rasin.

Q – What is something you wish you were gifted at doing?
A –  Singing ( I have been told by my Husband I can’t) 🙁

Q- What was your first concert?
A- Whitney Houston.