Kellie Roberts
Bespoke Wedding Planner- Shropshire

After pursuing my dream career as a Bespoke Wedding Planner in 2016, unfortunately my circumstances changed and I moved out of the area. Now with the opportunity to join the team again in Shropshire, I took the chance straight away! Since leaving Bespoke I always felt like something was missing! I know that being a wedding planner is the perfect job for me, I love to make people happy and help create their perfect wedding day! 

Fun Facts about me:

Q – What is your favourite Sport?
A – Gymnastics! I have been a gymnast since I was 4.

Q – What are your favourite kind of films? 
A – Horrors! I love to get a bit scared makes it more exciting to watch! 

Q – What are you most scared of?
A – Clowns!

Q – What means the most to you?
A – My family. Closely followed by my bed! Haha