Louise Marsden
Sales and Marketing Manager & Bespoke Wedding Planner – North Derbyshire

My sister is possibly the most laid back person on the planet so when it came to her hen do and wedding this is where I stepped in to help! From there I did a course at the Wedding Planning College then joined Bespoke Weddings. I started out Wedding Planning for a couple of years and still do a little of this along side being the Sales & Marketing Manager. 

Fun Facts about me:

Q – Who is your Celebrity Crush?
A – Gino D’acampo, loving Italian food helps too!

Q – What is your guilty pleasure?
A – Cheese & Wine… 

Q – What is your unpopular opinion?
A –  I HATE everything about ketchup!

Q – Your strangest pet?
A – A one eyed tortoise named Patch! Although my black lab can sometimes be quite strange too….