By Paige Millington.

A Wedding without all of your loved ones…

As you start to put the final touches of your big day together, you may start to think about the people who won’t be there. This does not just have to be for the people who are no longer with you, but those who may not be able to travel the distance or are restricted with the ongoing pandemic and restriction on guest numbers. Finding ways to incorporate your loved ones on the day can be a great way of honouring them and including them in your special day.

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Field Photographic at WVSA Venue Shottle Hall

Firstly, is there a lady you would like to honour?

If it is still available to you, using the dress from their own wedding day can be a great way of including a loved one in your day. You could wear the dress how it was on the original day, or if it is not quite to your taste you could ask dressmaker to incorporate your favourite parts into a new dress. It is so personal and something you will always keep or even pass down to future generations. If this is not something that is available to you, then maybe think about wearing a piece of their jewellery or a hair piece they may have worn at their wedding. Plus, it goes well with the saying of something borrowed!

Image reference: WVSA Supplier The Bridal Stylists and Field Photographic (right photo)

Another way of involving those who will not be there are photographs.

You can make these as personal as you like or have them printed out large for others to see. If keeping it small and personal is something you would prefer then having a photograph pinned on your suit, or a small photograph in with your bouquet would be perfect. By doing this you know the person you are honouring will be with you all day. If it is something you would like to make bigger, then having a print at the alter or at the top table is a great way to have your loved ones with you.

To go with the photograph in your bouquet, a very easy way to involve loved ones who may not be at your wedding is by using their favourite flowers. A very personal way of showing your appreciation for them. By doing this you can incorporate multiple people who may not be there. Florists would be more than happy to show you how different flowers would work together. It is also something the men could have on their suits if the loved one is on the groom’s side.

A Wedding without all of your loved ones

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Field Photographic

Reserving a seat

Reserving a seat during your ceremony can be a very special way of remembering those who aren’t with you at your wedding. This can be done easily by having a photo or illustration on the chair, or even a flower. One of my personal favourites, was reserving a seat using their military uniform for those away in the armed services or who were lost to war.

If you wanted to make it more public, you could always have a toast during the speeches. This is a great idea if you have multiple people you want to honour during your day, it can also be made as personal as you would like it.

A Wedding without all of your loved ones

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Field Photographic (middle & right photo)

Whether you are a creative person or not, these are some ideas you can include in your day to remember those who have not been able to make it. While some are more discreet than others, they are all just as personal and sentimental. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to have your loved ones remembered at your wedding but can make a big difference for you and the rest of your guests.

Love, Paige.

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