Wedding Finance
pay for your wedding at a cost you can afford 

If you want to make your dream wedding day a reality but you don’t have the funds, you might consider taking out a loan. 

A loan for your wedding could be one of the easiest and most convenient ways to fund your big day, especially if you have been selected as one of our Competition winners and not had time to save up!

Find out about different loan options for your big day now!

Fund all or part of your wedding!

Loans from as little as £1,000 if you only need help with your initial deposits!

Up to £25,000 if you wanted to fund the whole wedding!


On a straight forward application, personal loans can complete the same day the application is made!

Allowing you to spread the cost of your wedding at an affordable monthly rate.

You are in control!

The loan would be paid directly to you. 

You would then pay the venues and suppliers in accordance to their usual payment terms.

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