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Married life is great I’m still getting used to people calling me Mrs Christie at school!! Everything was so fantastic on the Wedding Day . Mike and I really appreciate everything you did, not just on the day but for the time leading up to it to. You were so helpful and we certainly couldn’t have done it with out you. Thank you so much for making our day even more special and allowing us to have such a wonderful day.

Thanks again,

Aimee and Mike xxx


Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Goosedale – 23/04/2019

Facebook Review by Sarah Widdowson 09/05/2019

We are over the moon to be finally planning our wedding with the help of Bespoke Weddings 👰🏼 🎩… it’s finally coming true after delaying it from having babies, and we cannot wait! Thank you for making it happen … Roll on 2021 👏🏼👏🏼 x

Facebook Review by Paige Quinn 09/05/2019

Huge thank you to Charlotte and all at bespoke weddings for making our dreams come true  we were so lucky to have won round one of the competition and receive free venue hire at moddershall oaks, never in a million years did we think we would be able to have such a breath taking venue, and so soon too… we cant wait to get married in September thank you for making this possible x

Facebook Review by Charmaine Barrowcliffe 09/05/2019

We want to say a massive thank you to Maria at bespoke! She was such a delight to meet with and we are thrilled to be going ahead with our booking next year! I cannot wait to start planning properly and putting things in place! Ben will probably be sat beside me eating biscuits while i plan for the both of us 😂💕

Facebook Review by Carly How 04/05/2019

Thank you so much to Bespoke Weddings for making our dream wedding become a reality! We have had our heart set on Ringwood Hall as a wedding venue since Chris proposed to me last year! (After 8 years!) It didn’t seem like it would ever happen until Laura made the phone call & told us we had won a free venue! We can’t thank you enough and you have been so helpful and patient with us and our many questions 🙊 I can’t wait for us to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of being together next year , by getting married! I can’t stop telling people and recommending you to anyone that speaks weddings as you really have made our dream come true, thank you 🤗😍 x

Facebook Review by Tia Skerritt 09/05/2019

A massive thank you to bespoke weddings and Maria for making my dream come true, never did I think I would be getting married next year but you have made that possible for us, our venue is absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t be more happier! Can’t wait to start officially planning! Thank you again to Maria and bespoke!


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Facebook Review by Bethany Louise 03/05/2019

Myself and Danny Key cannot thank you all enough. When we entered the competition we never thought in our wildest dreams that we would become round one winners. It’s absolute dream come true and set the ball rolling to be able to plan our special day for September this year. So when I received the call from Vicky on Wednesday to let us know we had also won round two, I was absolutely speechless! The girls at work had to put up with me talking about it and sobbing happy tears all afternoon 😅 Danny couldn’t believe when I called him to give him the great news!Honestly, we feel extremely blessed and very honoured to be apart of this amazing opportunity. Which quite frankly without it we wouldn’t have been able to have the wedding we dreamed of.💕

Thank you so much to Louise at Bespoke weddings for helping us book our wedding at the beautiful New Bath Hotel. We were also lucky to win the second round of the competition, which was truly amazing and meant we were in the position to make our day extra special for us and our friends and family. 

Having their knowledge of suppliers and contacts has been a great help in organising everything for the big day. 

We had the perfect day at the New Bath Hotel and have the memories to cherish forever. 

Amy & Lloyd
Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – New Bath Hotel – 06/04/2019

Facebook Review by JayKay Sales - 28/04/2019

We just wanted to say a big thank you to Kellie for helping us book or wedding at The Valley Hotel for March 2020 we are already on the count down and our kids are so excited too….. have to say if it wasn’t for Kellie and bespoke weddings we problay wouldn’t have set our date (& we have been engaged for over 8years lol) so thank you for everything you have done from the bottoms off our hearts.

Facebook Review by Emily Willett 27/04/2019

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to Bespoke for making our wedding a reality. I entered on a whim through Facebook, & we’re so lucky to be round one winners!
We never would have thought such a wonderful venue as Nettle Hill was possible for us, and now we have set a date and the planning can start!
Aimee especially had already been so patient with us, and our string of questions. We can’t wait to sit down and get things all put in motion!!
Thank you again – and bring on May 2020!! 👰🤵 xx

Facebook Review by Laura Busby 25/04/2019

Want to say the biggest thank you to bespoke weddings for helping to make our dreams reality! We have had amazing support from Aimee, right from the first phone calling telling us we had won our venue. Aimee helped make our wedding day perfect on Saturday… the perfect weather in a stunning place. Quorn Grange hotel was a beautiful setting, we even got to get married outside which made everything even more perfect. 
Thank you from Mr and Mrs Busby 😍

Facebook Review by Emma Phillips 18/04/2019

I just want to say a huge thank you to bespoke weddings and Maria Napper for helping our wedding dreams come true. We won the first round and now we can afford to have a bigger wedding with all our family and friends! I am so grateful for all of this ❤️😊

Facebook Review by Nicky Clarke 17/04/2019

Bespoke Weddings… You really have helped us have our dream wedding! My fiancé & I won round one and without it I fear we would have never have booked our dream venue!! 
Roll on 20/11/20 when our vision becomes a reality 🥰
Massive thanks to Laura Kolka for the best phone call ever telling us that we won!!


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Facebook Review by Amelia Meakin 10/04/2019

So me and my partner are in round two of the Moddershall Oaks bespoke wedding competition to win round 2 our food and drinks package!! We were ever so lucky to win round one our venue!! So honoured and blessed to be apart of this amazing opportunity and I want to thank our wedding planner! We couldn’t do all of this without her!!! Fingers crossed! 🙌🏻🤞🤞

We had such a lovely romantic time in Venice and then Ringwood just topped it all off we couldn’t have asked for anything better!

The staff, food, rooms, ceremony and reception was all brill at Ringwood we loved every min of it.’

‘Thank you so much for helping us, we truly believe your help made our day the most memorable day for us

Rebecca & Luke x

Bespoke Round One & Three Competition Winners – Ringwood Hall – 21/10/2018

Facebook Review by Kelly Jones 13/04/2019

What can I say, Bespoke Weddings, you really have made my dreams come true.
Anthony & I have been together for almost 10 years, engaged 9. And I never thought I’d be booking my wedding, and thanks to you guys, we’ve finally done it.
Ansty Hall is just going to be so magical for us, and we really cant wait for our wedding day.
In a way, you’ve changed our lives, because never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be getting married at Ansty. 
You guys are fabulous, and a huge special thank you to Aimee who has just been amazing so far, shes so kind & friendly.
Thank you again guys 💜

Facebook Review by Ashton Lafferty 09/04/2019

Myself & Andy just want to say a huge thank you to Kirsty @ bespoke weddings.
When I received that special phone call from Kirsty to say we had won round 1 of the competion. I couldn’t quite believe it, I never win anything ….

We met up at our venue & it just felt magical from that moment, we booked our date & it has been full steam ahead since that day 😃😘🙌

We are so grateful that you have given us the oppurtunity to get married sooner than we thought.

We can’t wait for round 2 💗

We are so excited for our big day !!! 🤵👰🎉🥂

Facebook Review by Cat Howarth 29/03/2019

A few months ago, my now fiancé asked me the best question. Not long after that, in the midst of new engagement excitement, I entered a competition I came across. I never dreamed that I would win! It was so amazing to receive the news from Vicky that we had won Round 1 of the Bespoke Weddings competition on Alfreton Hall!! And now we’re on our way to entering Round 2 
This has made such an exciting time even more so, and everything that Bespoke offers makes the process much less stress free!
Thank you Bespoke for our Round 1 win, and bring on Round 2!! 🎉💍👰
Alfreton Hall Sept 2020 💐🍾😍

Facebook Review by Bethany Louise 26/03/2019

So exciting that we finally have a venue and a date set for our wedding, thanks to Laura from Bespoke weddings, she was fabulous and made us feel welcome, and always responds quickly to any of my queries, our bespoke journey so far has been very stress free, thanks to bespoke for the chance, we still can’t believe we were lucky enough to be a winner of round 1 !

Facebook Review by Natasha Gillbert 24/03/2019

So exciting meeting Kellie again today back at our wonderful wedding venue to go through suppliers. Can’t wait to get everything booked for our special day. Thank you to everyone at bespoke, especially Kellie xx


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Facebook Review by Becca Moreley 22/03/2019

Nathan and I would just like to say a huge thank you to bespoke weddings and especially Maria, what a lady she is amazing and we cannot wait to work along side her. It still doesn’t seem real, we cannot believe our luck in winning round one and the venue of our dreams. Looking forward to March 2020 at Stoke Rochford Hall.

I was so happy to win our wedding from Bespoke, without entering the competition we would never even have found out about Cressbrook Hall. The venue was absolutely perfect and met all of our requirements! Louise was so helpful and was always there if I had any questions, which was very helpful! She also knew so much about the venue that when I talked about certain aspects she had tips or suggestions for me. The number of vendors they knew and had links with was also so useful as there was no worry whether they’d be reliable or good! Winning this competition actually kick started my wedding planning, and everything came together so easily through Bespoke. Thank you so, so much!
Mr & Mrs Leedham 
Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Cressbrook Hall – 25/03/2019

Facebook Review by Shannon Gilbert 19/03/2019

We just want to say a massive thank you to Charlotte at Bespoke Weddings for all of her help so far. It’s still sinking in that our wedding is only 4 months away! We can’t believe we won round one! Dovecliff Hall is absolutely stunning and we can’t wait to get married there. We never imagined we’d get married in such a beautiful venue.

Facebook Review by Kelly James 04/03/2019

Thank you to Laura for being so lovely, met her last weekend and ended up booking our wedding for this year!! ❤️❤️ 
We are so excited and thank you again for all your help ❤️❤️

Facebook Review by Sarah Jayne 06/03/2019

A massive shout out to Maria for being incredibly helpful and getting the wedding planning rolling with suppliers😀😘 We are so excited already 🎉🙌 Feel very lucky xxxx


Facebook Review by Julie Manning 13/03/2019

To all those at Bespoke and Maria who showed me around Normanton Park, I cannot even Thank you all enough and explain what it means to win Round 1 AND Round 2 of your competition ❤️❤️❤️ 
You are making a dream come true for us that we just could not have ever have afforded ourselves.
My wedding has turned from what was going to be a tiny ceremony somewhere and reception/party in my garden and decorated garage with 30 people max to a GORGEOUS venue with a view of Rutland water with our ENTIRE extended families and friends and beautiful food all day! It means so much to us and I will be crying on and off all day 😭😅❤️❤️❤️💍 I CANNOT WAIT TILL NEXT MARCH! Maria has been amazing and so helpful, with her help I know my wedding will be perfect! ❤️

Facebook Review by Kate Powell 13/03/2019

Where do we start, what an amazing phone call to be told you are winners of round one. We cannot thank Kellie enough for all she has done so far, it was so lovely to meet you and look around the beautiful venue that we would never of imagined getting married in. We can’t wait to plan our big day and still can’t believe we have booked our wedding, September 2020 we are coming for you 💍😀❤️ we can’t believe how lucky we have been.


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Facebook Review by Ellaouise Cooper 06/03/2019

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Bespoke Weddings for giving us the opportunity to win our perfect wedding venue. I applied for the competition in January and we went straight over to Nettle Hill to have a nose. We fell in love with it instantly and while I was keeping my fingers crossed that we’d get the chance to win the competition, my fiancèe (realistic as she put it) told me not to get my hopes up and set my heart on the venue. Then at the beginning of February, I received a voicemail from the lovely Aimee to tell me we had won. I still can’t believe that our dream wedding is going to be made reality. I never win competitions so to win our wedding venue was the biggest and best surprise we could ever hope for. And we couldn’t be more grateful! Also, Aimee has been amazing, she’s always there to answer all our questions and is always so helpful. Thank you again for making our perfect day possible

Well where do I start? From beginning to end Vicky you have been amazing!! Ironing out nerves, highlighting details we would have never even thought about and helping to orchestrate the venue and friends and family on the day! Its been great having you there for questions and advice throughout our wedding planning. We are also so pleased you advised us against having Cows at the wedding- Private Joke!!!” Thank you so much again .x

Angharad & Ian

Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Kelham Hall – 10/11/2018

Facebook Review by Molly Hanrahan 03/03/2019

Cannot explain how amazing Bespoke Weddings are! My fiancé and I are absolutely over the moon to have won round one and received free venue hire at Hotel Van Dyk ❤️ Vicky has been so helpful and we look forward to planning the rest of our special day with her. Roll on the 23rd October 2020 💍

Facebook Review by Lizzie Hall 02/03/2019

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to bespoke weddings for selecting us as round 1 winners at Horsley Lodge for our wedding 🌟💖 Kirsty has been so amazing so far and we can’t wait to get the ball rolling with planning our big day in December 2020. Thank you Kirsty and Bespoke!


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Facebook Review by Gemma White 01/03/2019

I entered the competition about a month ago, never expected to get a phone call off of Vicky a few weeks later saying we had won round 1!!!! We met up with Vicky last week and she showed us around our stunning venue and we chose our date & put our deposit down. Vicky has been AMAZING so far and we are so excited to now start the whole process of planning our wedding for August 2020! I cannot thank you enough for making our dream come true 💖 xx


Facebook Review by Danny Carnell 28/02/2019

Would like to thank bespoke for everything got the call off Laura in January me and Gemma are still in shock and what a massive help she’s doing we met up at ringwood hall on the 9th of feb to look around and now it’s booked me and Gemma can’t believe it we never win anything haha and all this is because I seen a post and thought I would have a go

Facebook Review by Shannon Herbert 28/02/2019

Aimee contacted me just before Christmas to tell me that we had won Round One and at first I had no idea what to expect as it just felt too good to be true! She booked us in for a meeting straight away, we were shown around Ansty Hall and before we knew it, we had our September 2020 wedding booked!

Aimee has been incredibly helpful so far, and it’s a relief to know she’s just a message away if we need her 🙂 Thank you to all at Bespoke!

Facebook Review by Leah Jay 27/02/2019

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Kellie at bespoke weddings for helping us and making our wedding planning experience so special. We have never felt so lucky winning our beautiful venue at Netley Hall. We are so grateful 👰 🤵 2020 x


Hi Louise,

Just want to say a huge thank you for helping plan my day & all your help setting up and making sure everything ran smoothly, thank you also to Kirsty for helping too!

It really was perfect & it was great seeing everything come together. It just went to fast 🙂

Mr & Mrs Brian
Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Shottle Hall – 28/02/2019

Facebook Review by Emily Holt 20/02/2019

I couldn’t believe it when Laura from bespoke rang me to tell me and Tom have won our wedding venue! I didn’t believe it was true at 1st, until we met up with Laura at the venue and it actually sunk in that we have actually won!! Laura is amazing and can answer any question you might have. 
Its a day me and Tom though would never happen. We’ve been together 10 years and now have 3 children. We cant wait for our wedding day in December 2020 with our 3 boys, family and friends. If it wasn’t for bespoke we wouldn’t be getting married  Thank you so much from the both of us 

Facebook Review by Heather Liz 19/02/2019

A massive thank you to Bespoke Weddings and in particular Kirsty. Andrew Hibberd and I are so lucky and excited to have won the beautiful Priest House By The River as our wedding venue in May 2020. 👰🏼❤️🤵🏻


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Facebook Review by Natalie Thresher 12/02/2019

Wedding plans are well underway now all thanks you guys at Bespoke Weddings. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win a competition on Facebook let alone win a wedding venue.
Myself and my partner were dreaming of our big day and all thanks to one phone call from the wonderful Vicky our dreams are becoming a reality!
Vicky you have been amazing and I can’t thank you enough for all your help so far. Roll on October 2020 💖🍾💍

Facebook Review by Em Louise 12/02/2019

Just wanted to say thank you to Laura and Bespoke weddings for all the help so far (I wouldn’t have known where to begin with it all!) 🙈

After entering the competition and thinking nothing more of it, I was suprised to get the call that we had actually won round 1! With all the added discounts, it has made wedding planning more affordable and straight forward with Laura’s help!

Thanks again, we now have our fingers crossed for round 2 🍀🤞

Facebook Review by Kaley Redmond 08/02/2019

We are absolutely thrilled to have won our venue hire with bespoke weddings. When we first met up with the lovely Aimee we were both very nervous she put us at ease and showed us round the venue. I cant believe we are getting married in October! Thankyou Bespoke!!! x

Facebook Review by Jade Thompson 05/02/2019

The past few weeks have been a proper whirlwind but I cannot express just how amazing it has been! Never did we think that we would actually win something like this, but here we are a few weeks later with an absolutely stunning venue booked for 2020. Maria has been so helpful answering all of our questions and liaising with the venue. We can’t wait to meet back up and start looking at suppliers. Thank you Bespoke Weddings for kickstarting our dream into action! Bring on summer 2020! 


We can hardly put into words how wonderful it all was. 

To everyone who has had a part in our day. To everyone that supports us on our journey. To everyone who has a role in the story of our lives.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Our Wedding would not have been perfect without you.

Mr & Mrs Limb

Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Cressbrook Hall – 10/06/2018

Facebook Review by Samantha Jayne 24/01/2019

A few weeks ago after casually entering a competition for a wedding venue I NEVER expected to recieve the call that Jordan & I had actually won round 1 & the opportunity to have our wedding at The Upper House in Barlaston… since the call off Charlotte (with lots of oh my gods, shaking & thank you’s) we met with her at The Upper House & fell in love with everything! She has made what could be an unbelievably stressful time an easy one! We are both so excited! Since then she has been superb too, so much support and advice on hand. Cannot believe that we have now booked our day! 💒 Looking forward to adding the finishing touches to our wedding day with you and a huge thank you for making our dream wedding a reality  we truly cannot thank you enough xx

Facebook Review by Louise Jones 22/01/2019

It’s a shame you can’t leave reviews on your page as you’d always get 5 stars. We just wanted to say a massive thank you to Kellie for all your help so far and your patience! We’d keep putting off booking anything for ages if we hadn’t have won your round 1 as we are so disorganised. We couldn’t have found a better venue and wouldn’t have even known about it without Bespoke so thank you so much! 👰🏼🤵💖 Xxxx


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Facebook Review by Allison Hodgson 22/01/2019

Thank you so much to bespoke for choosing me and Jenna as round one winners! I was absolutely gobsmacked to receive the phone call from Vicky to say we had won our venue. To be honest I had completely forgotten what I had entered, but Vicky sounded as excited as we were when she told us and has shared in our excitement ever since. She has been super so far explaining everything and making it all so easy and stress free and we cannot wait to plan the rest of our wedding with her help! 🤞🏻for round two 😍

Facebook Review by Chloe Brankin 20/01/2019

Hi guys! Zack and I just wanted to express how lucky we feel to have won round one and have an incredible venue for our wedding. It has meant that we can have a much grander wedding than we could have ever hoped for and we are both VERY excited for next April now!

Aimee has been incredibly helpful and I feel secure with her dealing with all the faff so that I don’t have to worry.

Just thank you for helping us make our dream a reality.

Facebook Review by Georgie Nash 16/01/2019

Feeling thankful for entering the competition and getting through round 1! Can’t wait for 19/09/20 at The Upper House! Looking forward to planning our wedding and can’t thank Charlotte enough, very patient with answering our all our questions, even the more unusual ones! Very friendly, approachable and helpful 😁

Facebook Review by Beckii Barrett 16/01/2019

Would like to thank Maria at bespoke weddings for the call to say we had won the first round of the competition. I couldn’t believe it when she had rang and said we had won our venue for next year when I told my partner he thought I was joking we met up with Maria that weekend who showed us around the venue and helped us go through the paperwork and answered all our questions the venue is stunning and Maria is lovely and so very helpful can’t wait to start planning our wedding for next year. Thank you so much again xxx

Thank you so much to Bespoke for helping our wedding happen! When I got the call from Louise to say I had won round one I thought it was a joke/scam to start with, as the call was about 6 weeks after I entered and I’d forgotten I’d done it! Louise was so helpful answering all of my questions and getting me quotes from the recommended suppliers. You also get wedding insurance and a website included when you book, so this was another major plus point for us. Bespoke aren’t pushy in any way and you can have as much or as little of their input to your day as you want! I’d recommend anyone to apply for round 1 and now there are even more venues to choose from. Cannot thank Bespoke and Louise enough as it finally gave my now hubby the push needed to start booking things and make them happen! Still on cloud nine over here, have only been married 5 days so far!
Bekki and Frank
Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Shottle Hall – 14/02/2019

Facebook Review by Joanne Moore 11/01/2019

Can’t believe how lucky we have been to win round 1 of the competition and to be getting married in such a beautiful place 😍 Also thank you to Laura who has been fantastic so far with helping us plan our wedding 
Roll on 2020 💍👰🏼🤵🏻

🤞🏻Fingers crossed for round 2 aswell😍 🤞🏻

Facebook Review by Kerry Penzer 07/01/2019

Massive thank you to Bespoke Weddings & Events for making our dream of getting married a lot quicker than we expected! 
To get the phone call that we had won round 1 of the competition was amazing and I would like to thank Kellie for all her help so far. 
Roll on 03/12/20 at the Albright Hussey Manor & thank you again 😍😍😍

🤞🏼🤞🏼 for round 2 but honestly winning round 1 is just amazing 😍😍😍


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Facebook Review by Amie Drewry 07/01/2019

Me and Ryan can’t believe we’ve been lucky enough to win our dream wedding venue you’ve literally made our year! From the very start your team especially Louise Marsden have been so helpful, always quick to reply to every question we had.. and thanks to you, we now get to spend 2019 planning our wedding (we never thought we’d being say this) 🤞🤞🤞 for round two!! Xxx

Facebook Review by Becca Taylor 20/12/2018

Myself & Benjamin just wanted to say a huge thank you to Bespoke Weddings, in particular Maria, for helping to make our dream wedding become a reality. We can’t wait to continue planning everything for the big day and to know that we’ll be supported every step of the way 🎉👰💖💒💑🍾 Bring on March 2020

Facebook Review by Vicki Gordon 20/12/2018

Would like to thank kellie at bespoke for the call to say we had won round one of the competition my partner had no idea i applied and i couldnt quite beleave it when you rang and told me. It was a big surprise for him 😁 wen we went to meet kellie at the venue and set our date for 2020 thankyou kellie for your help we carnt wait to continue planning in 2019 vicki jamie x

Facebook Review by Jodie Haynes 19/12/2018

A huge thank you to Aimee and Bespoke for all their help with our wedding preparations. Couldn’t do it without them, especially with the big day just 9months away… 😁 Feeling very lucky to have won round one and for all the support and advice we’ve had x


Hey guys just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Charlotte for helping us get married on Saturday at Dovecliff Hall hotel – she is an absolute credit to you guys and went completely above and beyond! I don’t know if she’s back off holiday yet but wanted to ensure our wishes got back to her.

Love and thanks Alex and David Cook and little man xxx

Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Dovecliff Hall – 17/11/2018

Facebook Review by Rebekah Jade 17/12/2018

I just wanted to take this time to thank Amy and Natasha for all their help booking our dream venue. I cannot thank you guys enough for your enthusiasm, promptness and most of all your high level of patience with me and my partner. Thank you Natasha for stepping in and still making sure everything is running smoothly and that we are happy 😄🥰 looking forward to the next year planning our wedding with you!! I know our wedding is going to be amazing now we have a dream team like bespoke! Once again, thank you sooo much! From Rebekah and Tom xx

Facebook Review by Jodie Haynes 19/12/2018

A huge thank you to Aimee and Bespoke for all their help with our wedding preparations. Couldn’t do it without them, especially with the big day just 9months away… 😁 Feeling very lucky to have won round one and for all the support and advice we’ve had x


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Facebook Review by Samantha Neeve 17/12/2018

Would like to the opportunity to say a huge thank you to Louise & Bespoke for the amazing service they have provided myself and my fiancé. We recently won round one of their competition which has allowed us to book our first choice venue. We couldn’t be happier with the service we have received and the fact that now we are planning our dream wedding at our dream venue. Louise has been so helpful to us and continues to be in touch with anything we need. Thank you to the wonderful team!!

Facebook Review by Jodie White 15/12/2018

Had the lovely pleasure of meeting Maria not so long ago, who went through everything with us. I still cannot believe that we have been lucky enough to win the first round. Bespoke & Maria really having giving us this once in a life time opportunity. Thank you also Maria for bending over backwards to help us with everything so far 😘

Facebook Review by Danielle Page 14/12/2018

So after having issues trying to find venue and planning our wedding. Myself and my fiancé found out today we won our venue hire and have an appointment to check it all out in four weeks. Thank you so much. It’s my birthday next week so it just feels like an early birthday present 💕fingers crossed for round two.

Facebook Review by Vicky Gordon 12/12/2018

Me and my partner are over the moon we won the first round of the competition!! He had no idea i even applied so to even win was a shock to us both Would like to thank kellie for all her hard work she has been great answered any questions weve had we carnt wait to start planning more with you in january thankyou! Our BIG day 2020😁and round 2 🙋‍♀️🤞🏼 xx



Thank you Natasha and the rest of the Bespoke team! If we didn’t win our beautiful venue through you, we probably still wouldn’t be married. Thank you for assisting us with booking suppliers, etc. Everyone have been so wonderful. Have a very merry Christmas and may you all have a great year ahead!! 

Sincerely, Lyle & Justine Webster 

Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Quorn Grange Hotel – 18/12/2018

Facebook Review by Stacey Sibson-Bartram 06/12/2018

Would just like to say a massive thank you to bespoke weddings and our wedding planner Charlotte! We are round one winners and if it wasn’t for you guys we would not have had the opportunity to marry for many more years to come, so from the bottom of our hearts we are absolutely grateful to have you be apart of what will be the best day of our lives 

Facebook Review by Amy Bailey 3/12/2018

Had the best news tonight from Charlotte that we have made it through to round 1 for our dream wedding at the Upper House Barlaston, bring on round 2👏👰🤵🎉💏💐

Facebook Review by Cheri Faulkner 26/11/2018

Thank you so much for our dream venue won in Round 1. Maria has been so helpful and easy to get hold of no matter what out queries have been and we can’t believe how beautiful our venue is. Thank you so much 😍

Facebook Review by Victoria Terry 25/11/2018

We just wanted to say a massive thank you! We still can’t believe our luck and that we have won round one! A huge thank you to Louise for all her help so far. We are counting down the days and are looking forward to planning the rest of our wedding! Roll on 2020! Thanks once again 😀Victoria & Martin xx

Facebook Review by Jessica Hensall 24/11/2018

Excited to carry on the planning for mine and glyns wedding and couldn’t thank kellie more than enough amount of emails I send constantly with questions hahah ! Bring in 2020 and round 2!❤️❤️


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Facebook Review by Cat Bates 23/11/2018

Was such a lovely surprise when we found out that we had won round 1 for our free venue hire. Aimee has been brilliant so far with any questions we have had and and cant wait to continue our planning for our secured date, and moving on towards an entry into the 2nd round, would mean the world to us to win, fingers crossed 🤞🏻. Counting down the days for 2020 to come for our special day 💍💒💞


We just want to thank everyone at bespoke, especially Vicky. Our wedding at goosedale was amazing, even on a wet and cold October day. Bespoke made the whole planning process so stress free. From arranging suppliers, to talking to the venue and setting up on the day. On the day Vicky decorated the venue and took all the stress away from us the morning of the wedding, and Vicky’s help was more than we could ever imagine. You all helped us have the wedding of our dreams after winning round 1 of the competition. We could not recommend Bespoke enough for their amazing service, and help in creating the wedding of our dreams.

Alana & Jake

Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Goosedale – 15/10/2018

Facebook Review by Bethan Lovegrove 21/11/2018

Thank you so much to Bespoke (especially charlotte) For choosing us as round 1 winners… And for support us to make the perfect choices! We can’t wait for August 2020 to be here so we can finally say I do! 
Bethan and Scott x

Facebook Review by Jade Brookes 19/11/2018

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Bespoke Weddings!! We literally cannot believe our luck at winning round one for Madeley Court, such a beautiful venue. And a huge thankyou to Kellie who has been so lovely and extremely helpful in any questions we’ve had! Cannot wait to continue planning xx


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Facebook Review by Charlotte Oakley 19/11/2018

Massive thankyou to Bespoke Weddings for making my wedding dream a reality, I can now get married earlier than I thought. I entered a competition to win a wedding a while back and when I got a phone call from Laura to tell me I had won venue hire for Kenwood Hall I was speechless. A couple weekends later and we viewed the venue and it was perfect 😍 we have now officially booked our wedding for June 2020 and we cannot wait to start the wedding planning 💍👰🏼👫🏼🥂

Facebook Review by Natalie Sweeney 08/110/2018

We can’t thank Laura & Bespoke weddings enough! After getting a surprise phone call to say we’d won round 1 to just confirming our wedding at Mosborough Hall for the date we’d always wanted. I got goose bumps at how everything just seemed to fit what we’d hoped for and haven’t wanted to believe it until it was all official. Roll on September 2019!

Facebook Review by Ashleigh Mckenzie 06/11/2018

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Bespoke Weddings and to Maria! I am always a little dubious with these types of competitions, but am so happy I entered and won my dream venue in round 1 at Stoke Rochford Hall.Maria was so helpful when Jack and I met her, and we have booked our wedding for next year! Exciting times ahead, thanks so much again!! 👰🤵🏻

Facebook Review by Rebekah Mills 03/11/2018

We’re so excited to be planning our wedding with the help of Louise at Bespoke Weddings & Events! We were so shocked when we got the call to tell us we had won round one! Now thanks to Bespoke we’ve brought our wedding forward a year. Thanks so much to Louise for answering all of our questions and being really helpful from day 1 ☺️



Winning round 1 of the competition allowed us to have our reception at a venue we’d thought was out of our budget, but had loved when we visited it for a wedding fair. We had an amazing wedding day, and it set our minds at ease knowing Natasha of Bespoke would be helping to set up in the morning.

 Thanks for all your help! We got married on the 6th and had an amazing day!

Clare and Matt

Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Goosedale – 29/10/2018

Facebook Review by Daisy Roberts 31/10/2018

Thank you, Aimee! You have given me and Todd the best news we have had for a while. You have made our dreams become reality by confirming we were the round 1 winners for free wedding venue hire at Ansty Hall! You were so so so helpful on Sunday at the wedding fayre and we cannot wait to start planning our day with you! You truly are amazing! Thank you so much 🤵🏻👰🏻❤️

Facebook Review by Sarah Bramhall 29/10/2018

I can’t thank Charlotte enough for the phone call I received saying I have won round one of the competition 🎉 it was amazing news me and my partner were over the moon. Finally found my dream day. I would like to say a big thank you to Charlotte for making my dreams come true. I’m looking forward to the planning now 🍾🥂

Facebook Review by Lorna Cowlan 28/10/2018

Can’t thank bespoke and Kellie enough for our round 1 win at Madley court hotel
Bespoke have made this wedding possible for us as before we were unsure as to wether we could even get married they way we wanted to now with the news of our pregnancy we will get to be a proper family before our baby arrives 
I’m so grateful thank you xx

Facebook Review by Kerry Bennett 27/10/2018

I entered the Bespoke Weddings competition just after me and my Fiance Scott got engaged at christmas last year. I had completely forgotten that i had entered the competition so when i received a phone call from Maria to say i had won stage 1 i was so happy and suprised. Myself, Scott and our Mum’s went to view the venue last weekend and i fell in love.We have now offically booked Stoke Rochford Hall for the 9th April 2020.

Thankyou so much to Bespoke Wedding’s we would not of been able to do this with out the competition!

Bring on the wedding planning 💍👰🤵

Facebook Review by Emily Medley 16/10/2018

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Bespoke weddings and especially Laura! We’ve won round one and just entered round two 🤞🏻It’s been such a good opportunity and Laura has been great answering all our questions!! Thank you so much! 💛 xx


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Facebook Review by Rebecca Mathers 11/10/2018

Can’t thank Bespoke Weddings enough. From the first phone call from Aimee to where we’re at now with a confirmed wedding date for 2020! We’ve gone from a wedding in the local pub to the stunning Quorn Grange Hotel. I never win anything and this definitely makes up for it. Can’t wait to start planning with plenty of help from Aimee! I’m going to need someone that knows what they’re doing and I couldn’t think of anyone better. Thank you! 😅😁 🎉

Bespoke weddings are fantastic. Laura Kolka our wedding planner ensured we had the most perfect day. Even when I was being a stressed bridezilla she guided me through and nothing was too much trouble. 
Without this amazing competition we wouldn’t have been able to afford the wedding we dreamed of having at such a beautiful venue Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa. Their supplier list is extensive and full of wonderful companies that what to be a part of your special day. 
From first contact, to photo shoot with presentation cheque, to wedding day Laura and Bespoke Weddings were fantastic. Definitely recommend – what are you waiting for. 😊🎉🤵👰🎈🥂🍾

Mr & Mrs Barnsley x

Bespoke Round One & Two Competition Winners – Ringwood Hall – 06/09/2018

Facebook Review by Olivia Watson 17/10/2018

I would like to say a massive thank you to Vicky our wedding planner, I am a round one winning at Kelham Hall and looking forward to my dream wedding in October 2020! 
Thank you!! 💍🤵🏽👰🏼

Facebook Review by Amy Crookes 12/10/2018

Would just like to thank Bespoke Weddings, we can’t believe we have been so lucky to win venue hire at Mosborough Hall such a beautiful location! Special thanks to our wedding planner Laura, we cannot fault how helpful she has been so far and we’re looking forward to planning the rest of our day with her help. 😊💝

Facebook Review by Gemma Brown 11/10/2018

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Aimee for contacting me about the competition, as I won a while ago but never claimed. To choosing our amazing venue and securing our date for our wedding 😍we are so so excited to be FINALLY planning our wedding and can not wait for our perfect day. Again thank you Aimee, so far you have been brilliant and I know we are in great hands ❤️

Facebook Review by Debbie Fearn 10/10/2018

One morning I was at work and received a call off Louise from Bespoke Weddings to tell me that we had won round one of the competition I had entered. Round one was the venue hire for the ceremony and reception!. It was so unexpected and exciting I couldn’t wait to tell Steven, so I had to ring him, and he was just as surprised and excited as I was! We went to go and see the venue which we had won for our day and we immediately fell in love with the place. We then met Louise and the property owners, and booked in our day!. Louise has been so helpful throughout the whole process so relaxing and enjoyable. We feel so incredibly lucky to have won and it has meant that we can finally afford the wedding of our dreams. Roll on 2020 and let’s get planning. Thank you so much Louise and Bespoke Weddings! 

Facebook Review by Sophie Blackwood 09/10/2018

Can’t fault Bespoke Weddings and our wedding planner, Kellie. From getting the phone call to say that we’d been lucky enough to win our venue hire, to helping us confirm our wedding date. She has been brilliant. Can’t wait to continue planning our special day 😊💗



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Facebook Review by Karlie Thornley 30/09/2018

We still can’t believe that we are round one winners of the competition!!

We have set the date and can’t wait for our big day already. 👰🏼🤵💍

❤️ 17th August 2020 ❤️

Our venue, Goosedale is beautiful 😍 
Thank you so much Vicky 💜

Let the wedding planning commence ❤️


Dear Louise,

Thank you so much for all of the help and support. It has been a dream come true to have our Wedding at such a beautiful Wedding venue.

We couldn’t thank you enough!

Best wishes,

Mr & Mrs Boothby

Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Cressbrook Hall – 28/8/2018

Facebook Review by Jodie Hyatt 29/09/2018

I remember sitting on the sofa one night scrolling down Facebook when I came across a post about a wedding competition. I was a bit sceptical as I thought there’d be a catch but I applied thinking what the heck, let’s give it a bash. I received a call a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe we’d actually won round one. We met up with Vicky that week at our chosen venue and now we’ve booked our wedding for August 2020 – there was no catch! If I’d not entered we’d probably still be humming and hawing over even getting married due to costs. Thank you to Vicky and Bespoke Weddings for getting the ball rolling for us!

Facebook Review by Rachael Dearnley 29/09/2018

Me and Megan are absolutely over the moon to have won round one of the competition winning free venue hire at Mosborough hall. We have visited Mosborough hall in the past and had loved it from our first ever visit. And now thanks to bespoke our dream wedding venue has become a reality for us and is now booked for October 2020. We are so excited to get planning the big day with Laura’s help, who has already been a fantastic help to us with making everything possible, with nothing been to much trouble for Laura, and also answering my million and one questions i have asked already 🤣 so a huge thank you to you Laura. We cannot thank you all enough for this amazing opportunity 👭💍

Facebook Review by Carrie-anne Abraham 29/09/2018

We still can’t believe we won round 1 of the competition 😊 it still don’t seem real that we have a wedding date & our dream venue ….. thank you Aimee for all your help so far  you really are lovely …. let the wedding planning begin 👰🤵 thank you x



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Facebook Review by Vic Taylor 24/09/2018

My self and Lee would just like to express how incredibly grateful we are for being picked as round 1 winners.
Charlotte has been amazing throughout the whole process and I can’t thank her enough for the help she has already given us. 
Roll on June 2020 when we get married at our dream location!

Facebook Review by Tess Hazeldine 15/09/2018

Wow! Been to view our venue today (Kelham Hall) that we won through bespoke and we are in love 😍 thanks so much to Vicky for meeting us and showing us round. After 12 years we are finally getting married 🎉🎉💍👰🏼🤵🏻

Facebook Review by Samantha Townend 11/09/2018

We still can’t believe we won the first round of the competition, we’ve absolutely fallen in love with our venue Shottle Hall and can’t thank Amy enough for all her help so far. We’re super excited that our wedding is now booked!!! Roll on the planning 😁💒👰🏼🤵🏻 Thank you so much Bespoke Weddings!!! Xxx


We want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Bespoke for everything you’ve done for us. We still can’t quite believe that we won the wedding venue, let alone winning the food and drink prize too!

We want to especially thank Louise, our wedding planner, who helped us organise all of the suppliers for our wedding. We would not have been able to have such an amazing wedding day without you, thank you so much!!

Love from Becky and Tom Roberts xxx

Bespoke Round One & Two Competition Winners – Shottle Hall – 8/8/2018

Facebook Review by ‎Nat Beardsmore‎ 01/09/2018

Me and my husband to be are so over the moon we won round 1 I’ve been speechless since receiving the call from Laura kolka it still doesn’t feel real. We would like to thank Laura and the team. Laura was so lovely and very helpful on our visit to Ringwood hall we can’t wait to let the rest of the planning commence now that we have booked our wedding for next July 😍 thank you again Laura xx

Facebook Review by Naemi Bailey‎ 29/08/2018

I am so amazed at the fact I have won my wedding at Risley Hall. I cannot stop talking about it and planning already!! 😍😍 Thank you Amy, from your first phone call, you have been amazing!! Answering all our questions and being so patient!! 😘😘 Cannot wait for our big day and so glad we have you there to help us along the way!! 🤵👰💍🎂

Facebook Review by Holly Heaps‎ 28/08/2018

My Fiancee Tom and I are incredibly grateful and surprised to have won round one! Thank you to Aimee and all of the team for all of their support so far! We didn’t think a wedding in the next few years would be possible and now we are looking forward to a 2020 wedding at the stunning Quorn Grange Hotel! Let the excitement begin! We cannot wait!!!!! 😍😍😍

Facebook Review by Chloe Bland 26/08/2018

Almost a month ago we received a phone call to say we were round one winners!!😁 Can’t thank Vicky from Bespoke enough with how much she’s helped and been regularly in touch with us already. We are able to plan our wedding a lot sooner than what we thought when we first got engaged, all our dreams can come true from winning this competition! 💗👰🤵💍🎩👑

Facebook Review by Kelly Ravey 23/08/2018

Thank you so much to Bespoke for choosing us as round 1 winners… And for helping us make the perfect choices! We can’t wait for 2020 to be here so we can finally tie the knot! The girls at bespoke have been amazing and EXTREMELY patient 😍 thank you again. Kelly & Aden x


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I just want to say a massive thankyou to Laura, the service we received at our wedding yesterday was above and beyond and nothing was too much to ask.

From the minute we booked until we woke this morning we couldn’t have asked for a better coordinator.

Dave & Macheala Baggaley xxx

Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Ringwood Hall – 13/05/2018

Facebook Review by Claire Denman 21/08/2018

Can’t thank Laura enough for the help she’s given us, and giving us the best news that we have won venue hire at Van Dyk! We dreamt of this venue and wouldn’t have got it without the competition! Thank you again 😚xx

Facebook Review by Richard Cook 21/08/2018

Fantastic, my partner Rebecca and I won round 1 at Kelham Hall, a surprise to me mostly because I didn’t know until we had our first meeting with the wedding planner, this is a beautiful venue with a church on site that I immediately fell in love with, so a massive thank you to our wonderful wedding planner Vicky for your help, answering our many many many questions lol, we are both excited and looking forward to our wedding next October, Thank you all. 

Facebook Review by AJ Barry 20/08/2018

Just wanted to say a big thank you for choosing us for round 1 winners at the Quorn Grange Hotel as if iy wasn’t for you choosing us we wouldn’t of been able to get married as soon as we wanted. Also thank you to Aimee who has been amazing and is only a message away when I’ve needed questions answering 🙂 can’t wait to continue planning our big day 😁👰🤵 xxx

Facebook Review by Sasha Smith 09/07/2018

Would like to say thank you to Bespoke weddings for choosing us for the first round, but also a massive thank you to Louise who has been there to answer every question we have and helping us start off our wedding planning! Can’t recommend enough! ❤️❤️💒

Facebook Review From Alexandra Whalley‎ 11/05/2018

Me and my amazing fiancé Matt Chew Higgins Would like to say a huge thank you to Louise for everything she has done so far making our dream day a reality! 💕 and a massive thank you to bespoke wedding for picking us as round one winners, can’t wait to celebrate with friends and family at Whirlowbrook hall!

A beautiful venue for a beautiful day, filled with love and laughter! 🎩👰🏼

Facebook Review From Alliee Cross‎ 08/05/2018

A massive thanks to Aimee for making our dream day become a reality. Today marked the official start of wedding planning until we say I do on the 22nd of August 2019 at Macdonald Ansty Hall! 💕 and thanks to bespoke for choosing us as one of the lucky round 1 winners. Here’s to the rest of our journey with bespoke and Aimee 🥂

We couldn’t resist getting a sneak peak photo at the little church in the grounds.

Facebook Review from Kirsty Evans 27/11/2017

So buzzing that we’ve WON round 2 for our special day!!! Thank you to everyone who left us a Comment/Like – still can’t believe it!!! Chris Swainand I are so excited 🤗😍 it’s our time baby 😘😘
Thank you to Bespoke Weddings & Events and The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club for making this all possible. Roll on 2019 (with the hen do’s first!) 

Facebook Review by Grace Attwood 09/05/2018

Absolutely thrilled with the service we have received from Amy at bespoke, she has made the whole experience so reassuring and seem completely stress free so far getting back to my million and one emails and queries straight away and being helpful in any way we need , absolutely amazing service I cannot wait to continue the rest of our wedding planning experience now, so excited for June 2019 at Risley Hall 💍💏🥂🍾

Facebook Review by Stacey Leanne‎ 08/05/2018

Myself and Ashley Summers are over the moon to be round one winners for Dovecliff hall it’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much to Charlotte for your help so far we are so excited to be working with you. I’m so excited about getting our winter wedding organised 😍

Facebook Review by Claire Page 30/04/2018

Myself and James Stokes would like to say thanks for the 1st round win 😁 we can’t wait to get the ball rolling making all the plans with Amy for our big day at Risley Hall next year! It’s so exciting we were so scared of getting our wedding organised this has given us the push we need. Thank you Amy for the support and help at getting things started 😊

Facebook Review by Natalie Payne 27/04/2018

We are very excited to be round 1 winners of the Bespokes wedding competition. We didn’t want the huge traditional wedding, Vicky helped us with different ideas and has been so supportive no matter how little or big the question, with her help we are now booked to get married next year! Instead of feeling nervous and over welmbed we feel excited and calm. Thanks for all your help Vicky, we can’t wait for even more planning!xx

Hi Natasha,

We’re back down to earth now after an amazing wedding day at Goosedale and an incredible honeymoon in Venice!

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for making sure the day ran so smoothly and for making it all really special for us. The suppliers we picked though Bespoke were great and you made a real difference for us, helping us avoid a lot of angst on the day, not least with the “missing” favours! We’re really grateful, so thank you very much.

With very best regards,

Ant & Mel Donaldson

Bespoke Round One Competition Winners – Goosedale – 28/04/2018