By Bethanie Cyrek.

Adding a personal touch to your wedding day..

Simple ideas you can implement throughout your wedding day to make it feel more personal. As you probably know by now, it’s easy to get lost in the trials and tribulations of pleasing everyone and following wedding trends. But the most important thing to remember when planning your special day is that the day is about you and your other half, and that your happiness should be at the forefront of all your decisions.

Here are a few different ways you can make your wedding day truly YOURS!

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Getting Ready

Getting ready with the girls (or guys) can be one of the most exciting parts of your big day! Watching as your vision comes to life with your bridal hair, make up and stunning dress will feel magical! A way to add to that magic and make the day especially memorable, you and your partner could choose a special scent each, that you will save exclusively for your wedding day.  That way, whenever you wear it again, all the wedding day memories will come flooding back!

You could make personalised bridesmaid boxes so your girls have a special keepsake. This could include items such as handwritten cards to each of your bridesmaids, sweet treats or toiletries for the day. Matching Pj’s and robes whilst you’re getting ready or maybe scented candles that remind you of them. Depending on your budget, you could even include a fragrance or some luxury makeup, a small bottle of their favourite drink or even matching bracelets. The main point is, you know these special ladies so you can tailor it however you like!

To spice up your morning and hopefully calm some nerves whilst you’re getting ready, you could create a ‘morning of playlist’! Any music that makes you feel confident and ready to party will do the trick! Get your excitement building at the start of your day, so the rest of it will be a breeze. The day is your celebration – don’t forget!!

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Special Moments

Another way to make your day to feel more intimate is by doing a first look before your ceremony! Whether this is with your husband or bride to be, family members, bridesmaids and groomsmen… or even your pets! it is completely up to you.

This is a quiet moment with the most important people in your life, before walking into your ceremony.

If you were to do a first look with your partner, you could take this quiet time away to read personal vows to each other. This is a moment of intimacy you can save for when you’re alone and hopefully this will kick any last-minute nerves you have.

By the end of the night, you have probably been so busy partying and socialising with your guests that you haven’t spent much time together as newlyweds… you could finish the day with a last dance together, this is a special way to really take everything in and to be present with each other…  with no interruptions!

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Unique Themes

There is no better way to make your wedding day unique, than to base your theme on something you love. This is a perfect way to have fun, whilst also giving your guests an insight into who you are as a couple…

You don’t have to stick to traditions. For example, this could be as simple as naming your tables after your favourite holiday destinations or sports teams, to choosing your colour scheme to match your Hogwarts house or favourite Marvel superhero? Maybe even basing your entire decor on your favourite film. The options are endless. Embrace your interests and anything that has a significance to you both.

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Honouring Loved Ones

We all may have loved ones that sadly can’t be here on our special day, and we sometimes struggle with how we can make them apart of our celebration. Here are a few ideas on how we can honour our loved ones on our wedding day;

  • Have a table with their photos on.
  • Light a memorial candle or hold a moment of silence for them.
  • Make a toast to them during your wedding speeches.
  • Carry a memento with you.
  • Play one of their favourite songs.
  • Leave a chair open.
  • Visit your loved one’s grave after the ceremony or reception. You can do this right after the wedding. Before the day begins, or even the day after your wedding.
  • Leave a bouquet on their grave.

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Finishing Touches

Here are some final touches you can add to your overall theme and décor that can be unique and budget friendly; you could put disposable cameras on some of your tables and have them collected at the end of the night. Maybe even use your bridesmaids flowers for your table centrepieces or pop a flipflop basket next to the dancefloor for your guests wearing heels!

You could have scented candles incorporated into your décor specifically for the wedding day, which will add a whole new dimension to the memories you and your partner will make and will really cement everything in. Memories associated with smells can feel more vivid!

Finally, if you are having cocktails / mocktails, you could name them after your pets, favourite movie characters or even your favourite bands and artists… this is a way your guests can find out the quirky things about you and your spouse’s interests!

The main take away from this blog is for you to remember to do the things that feel important to you! No matter how silly or small they feel. This is one of the biggest days of your lives and the beginning of your married lives together… make it count!

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Most importantly, if you’re reading this… CONGRATULATIONS!!

Reach out to your Bespoke Planner for any of your wedding queries. We are here to help you!

Beth x

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