By Laura Kolka

One blossoming trend, which I am personally a huge fan of, is having animals at weddings.

From a well-loved family pet, to bringing a theme to life, animals at weddings assist in adding another level of happiness, fun, and interest to your big day.

You can incorporate animals into in your big day in many fun, different, and cute ways.


Firstly you could even have animals included in the engagement itself!

If your pet is a big part of your family they can help bring the ring box over, whether it is carrying it or on a collar.

You can print the big question on a name tag, a tshirt, or a sign for them to wear.

You can have them featuring in your engagement announcement and engagement photoshoot.  

A funny sign on a beloved pet is a great and different way to break the exciting news to all your family and friends.

You can also use an animal with a sign for your save the dates!

Helping Hand

However, animals can do more than look cute.

A furry flower girl or page boy will always go down a treat. You can put petal baskets on pets or ponies, which will scatter as they walk down the aisle.

A non-human ring bearer is something fun and different. There are a wide range of animals that people have used for ring bearers!

These include (but are not exclusive to); dogs, cats, owls, ferrets, penguins, monkeys, sloths, and ravens.  These can also add greatly to a theme, such as Harry Potter or Winter Wonderland.

Reference: WVSA Supplier PH Weddings

Animals can even help to transport you to your wedding.

A horse and carriage is extremely romantic, and your groom can be your knight in shining armour arriving to whisk you away on a horse.

You can have camels carry you in for a more quirky entrance or go all out and be carried in by Elephants!

A very traditional way to incorporate animals at weddings is with a dove release.

This tradition is meant to symbolise harmony and peace, when a pair of doves are released by the couple by pulling a cord together. Which then will (hopefully!) follow you through your married life.

Reference: WVSA Supplier PH Weddings

And, of course, animals can help provide entertainment.

The two time gaps most couples try to fill are; during the photographs, and between the day and night reception.

This is when animals at weddings can come into play. A lot of couples are now hiring alpacas to provide entertainment and fun for guests during these lulls in the day.

Reference: WVSA Supplier PH Weddings

You can hire ponies to give rides to children. Whilst birds of prey can offer something interesting for all ages.

You can even hire in an entire petting zoo if you can’t decide on just one!


As mentioned previously, animals can help bring a theme to life.

If you are having a winter or Christmas theme, you can even hire a reindeers!

Reference: WVSA Supplier Field Photographic

A Harry Potter or Game of Thrones theme can have owls or ravens. Or you can have a magical ‘unicorn’ (horse with a horn attached)!

Reference: WVSA Supplier PH Weddings

If you don’t want any animals at your big day you can just have an animal themed wedding.

You can even get married or have your reception at plenty of zoo’s now, which would be something fun and unique.

You can have animal themed wedding favours, centrepieces or table names. You can even put them on your invitations.


Reference: WVSA Supplier Field Photographic

As a dog owner and dog lover, I can only encourage more couples in to involve mans best friend in the big day. They would be over the moon to be with their favourite people and will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Plus, they are extremely cute!

Reference: WVSA Supplier Field Photographic

You can get specialist wedding dog sitters who will look after the dog during the day, ensure they are there for your photographs, and then take them away again when it’s more difficult to have them around.

Reference: WVSA Supplier Field Photographic

The majority of our WVSA accredited wedding venues allow most animals on site, so for your chance to Win your Wedding at one of our “pet friendly” venues, enter our Competitions at


Although most venues allow animals on site, please do check with your venue first before organising ANY animals to be present on your wedding day!

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