By Maria Napper.

Bohemian Weddings…Is Boho for you?

The Boho theme is becoming very popular with couples who are looking for a natural, earthy and individualistic style wedding creating laid back vibes. Boho weddings have a strong connection to earth and nature because they allow freedom of expression, love and beauty.

They provide an element of minimalistic and creative ambiance with flowing fabrics and floral arrangements with different textures and colours.

Boho couples like to move from everything being traditional and instead incorporate a relaxed and natural feel such as:

Fairy lights


Pampas grass




Green leaves and ferns

Flowing wedding dresses

Mis-matched bridesmaids’ dresses

Unruly and wild like bouquets

Flower crowns

bohemian weddingsStationery by Allensis Weddings

Bohemian Meaning

The word Bohemian means free spirited and carefree. For couples who want to be artistic they can experiment by mixing materials, metals, wood and ideas that are not traditional or follow the “Norm”.

There is no correct style or order just freedom and a laid-back relaxed atmosphere. No two Boho weddings are the same but this allows couples to have their own unique big day. It is not about everything co-ordinating perfectly but more because of the use of “collected décor “vintage, assorted objects of different sizes, textures and colour palettes.

Planning a Boho Wedding

A boho wedding is a non-traditional, adventurous style but certainly gives you a memorable wedding day to remember.

Boho weddings have become so popular over the last few years, couples seek natural weddings creating an informal, relaxed surround without all the formal elements. Outdoor ceremonies are so popular with bohemian weddings as they embrace nature and beauty. Boho weddings are about being relaxed and comfortable, not structured and formal.

It is important to be consistent with the natural, earthy tones to incorporate the Boho style. Small details such as pebble name places can be the big things that are Bespoke and individual to your guests. It allows you to personalize the day with thoughtful, keepsakes and memories.

bohemian weddingsPhotos by Chris Smith Photography

Boho Inspiration & Tips

What is your inspiration for a Boho wedding, is it flowing dresses and floral crowns in a garden setting? Or a barn with wooden seating and backdrops?

Dress for the theme, lace, flowy gowns and organza for the bride. The groom may like an unconventional linen suit. Mis-matched bridesmaids dresses and colours to compliment the styling.

Natural makeup look is the best from your MUA, A touch of lip gloss, great base coverage and some pink tones for your cheeks and you’re ready for your big day! Loose locks, braids or a simple hair accessory from your hair stylist.

Decorations from mix and match tableware, wooden log guest’s books, bold bright centre pieces or a wooden arch with soft drapes and hanging succulents…. the creative aspect is off the scale and individual to each couples preferences.

A relaxing comfortable seating area with soft cushions and pillows to allow guests to relax and unwind because it helps them reflect on the ceremony and memories of the day. Maybe bales of hay and soft rugs in a tepee with lanterns and windchimes.


bohemian weddingsPhotos by taken by Elen Studio Photography

Whatever you decide, the Boho trend is becoming very popular and is a great way for couples to express themselves, meaning taking ownership of their styling and designs. Why not look into this if you feel it offers you the styling and way forward for your big day.

Maria x

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