Claudia curcio &

Jamie Jones

27th July 2022


Claudia & Jamie have been selected as Netley Hall Competition Winners, winning both Rounds One & Two! Their prizes included; Venue Hire, and a Food & Drinks Package!

After being selected as Netley Hall Competition Winners for FREE Venue Hire, Claudia & Jamie were required to write about how they met or their proposal for the chance to win further prizes!


Here is a snippet of their story, which won the judges over! This resulted in them being selected as Netley Hall Competition Winers for the Food & Drink Package!


We unexpectedly locked eyes in a local pub, As I walked past him still not taking our eyes off each other he grabbed my hand just before I was out of sight and we started talking. Neither of us expected to be in that pub that night…

Jamie rarely came home weekends back then, he was in the forces. I was there briefly having a quick drink waiting for my taxi to take me and my friend to another destination.

Little did we know that in that 15 minutes we would meet the people we would one day marry.


Upon finding out Claudia & Jamie had won Round Two they said;


“We are gobsmacked that we won such an amazing prize we thought we were lucky people winning the venue hire but to win the food and drinks package too is literally a dream come true! It’s a smile on our faces that nobody will ever get rid of. We get all the fun of planning a wedding and the downside (paying for it) feels like it’s been taken away SO ITS ALL FUN.
On a serious note we always knew we’d marry because we are still hopelessly inlove after nearly 6 years together.
But to think we would have the wedding of our dreams added to that is something we will never ever forget . Thank you for making our dream come true and making our day not only special but magical too”


Special thanks to the following WVSA Accredited Suppliers for providing prizes.

ABOUT Netley Hall

The Netley Estate is a luxury holiday and wedding venue in the heart of rural Shropshire. On December 6th 1855 Mr John Treasure was commissioned to erect a mansion at Netley. He created a magnificent home with outstanding landscape grounds, consisting of our illustrious wedding gardens and naturally elegant fresh water lakes.

The Estate grounds cover an extensive 160 acres of blissful Shropshire countryside, boasting romantic views of enchanting woodland and rolling velvet hills. 



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