15th June 2017.

  • Jack & Gemma- Cressbrook Hall Wedding


Jack & Gemma won their dream wedding at Cressbrook Hall after entering the Bespoke Win a Wedding Competition. The prize included Exclusive Use of Cressbrook Hall, and a Food & Drinks Package!

Jack proposed to Gemma on a romantic long weekend in Venice. He wanted to propose on a bridge, but knew Gemma would be embarrassed by any public attention, so after spending hours searching for the right spot he finally found one; not the most picturesque, but quiet and with a view of the sea.

He got down on one knee and thrust a ring towards Gemma, and of course, she said yes! A few moments after, they realised the bridge was actually the entrance to a military base and they had been scrutinized by the guard the whole time!!

That evening Jack took Gemma to the finest restaurant in Venice that he could find. They enjoyed an excellent meal, only to realise at the end of it that Jack had left his wallet back at the hotel!!

As it was late, there were no aqua busses or gondolas to ferry him across the Grand Canal and walking around to a bridge would have taken hours. So he had to take a water taxi. The boat pulled up at moorings outside the restaurant and whisked him away into the night- it was exactly like a scene from a Bond film!

Jack said: “The experience was so breathtaking that I insisted the taxi wait so that Gemma could experience it too. The combined trips back and forth ended up costing significantly more than the meal, but that mistake turned into one of the most memorable events of the whole trip, second only to securing the heart of the woman I love of course!”



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Cressbrook Hall



  • Cressbrook Hall


Set amidst 23 acres of park and woodland with spectacular views over the waters of Water-cum-Jolly Dale in the Derbyshire Peak, Cressbrook Hall Wedding Venue truely is stunning.

This Tudor-style mansion, built in 1835 during the reign of William IV, is certainly impressive. Yet behind its magnificent facade the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, evoking all the comforts of a gracious country home – as indeed it is.

The Hull-Bailey family have lived in and managed Cressbrook Hall for over 30 years. Bobby Hull-Bailey and her daughter Harriet have been lovingly restoring its grandeur so that other people can share in its beauty and majestic charm.

Cressbrook Hall Wedding Venue is far from ordinary – the first sight of it will take your breath away. But there’s more to Cressbrook Hall than the view. The staff who work there are from the local villages and have become part of Cressbrook Hall’s extended family! They create a genuine warm welcome for all their guests, helping to make every celebration unique and memorable.




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