By Abbie Fletcher.

Embracing Wedding Superstitions

Weddings are a beautiful blend of love, joy, and cherished traditions. Among these traditions, wedding superstitions add a sprinkle of mystery and magic to the big day. From the iconic “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” to the charming notion of a rainy wedding day being a sign of good luck, superstitions enrich the wedding experience with cultural heritage and a sense of continuity.


Something Old, Something New

The famous rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe,” is a staple in Western weddings. This tradition is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to the couple. Many brides incorporate these elements into their attire, ensuring a personal touch and a connection to the past, present, and future.

Wedding Suppliers Tip: Jewelers and bridal shops often offer beautiful vintage pieces for that “something old.” For “something new,” the dress or jewelry can symbolize fresh beginnings. Accessories like garters or ribbons are perfect for “something blue,” while family heirlooms make for a heartfelt “something borrowed.”

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Bells and Bells

In many cultures, the sound of bells is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring harmony. Church bells or small handbells are often rung during or after the ceremony to ensure a happy, spirit-free marriage.

Wedding Suppliers Tip: Decorators can incorporate bells into the wedding décor, from bell-themed centerpieces to tiny bells given as favors for guests to ring.


A Lucky Rain Shower

While many couples hope for clear skies on their wedding day, rain is often seen as a blessing. In various cultures, a rainy wedding day symbolises fertility, cleansing, and a strong, lasting marriage. So, if the forecast predicts showers, there’s no need to worry—embrace the rain and the good luck it brings!

Wedding Suppliers Tip: Photographers can capture stunning, romantic shots in the rain. Umbrella rentals or personalised rain gear can be both practical and stylish, ensuring the couple stays dry while making the most of the weather.

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Horseshoes for Luck

Horseshoes have long been considered a symbol of good luck. Traditionally, a horseshoe is carried by the bride or incorporated into the wedding decor to bring prosperity and happiness to the couple.

Wedding Suppliers Tip: Creative designers can craft elegant horseshoe decorations, whether as part of the bouquet, on the cake, or as wall hangings at the venue. Personalised horseshoes also make for unique keepsakes for the couple.


Tossing The Bouquet

The bouquet toss is a fun and lively tradition where the bride throws her bouquet to a group of single women. The superstition goes that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. This playful moment is often a highlight of the reception, filled with laughter and excitement.

Wedding Suppliers Tip: Florists can create a toss bouquet, a smaller version of the bride’s arrangement, designed specifically for this tradition. This allows the bride to keep her original bouquet intact while still participating in the fun.

Image reference – WVSA Supplier – Shamrocks and Forget Me Nots



Wedding superstitions are a delightful way to add depth and tradition to the celebration of love. They connect us to generations past, infuse the day with cultural significance, and often bring moments of joy and laughter. Wedding suppliers play a crucial role in bringing these superstitions to life, offering creative solutions and thoughtful touches that make each wedding uniquely magical.

So, whether you’re incorporating an old family heirloom, embracing the possibility of rain, or ringing bells of joy, remember that these superstitions are all part of the beautiful tapestry that makes your wedding day truly special.

Abbie x

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