By Olivia Tomlinson.

How to choose the perfect venue stylist.


Have you chosen a desired style and aesthetic for the decorative elements of your day? Do you prefer the rustic romantic style with log slices and candles, or the grand regal style of high florals and candelabras? When choosing a venue dresser, it’s always important to choose a stylist that captures the feel and aesthetic you desire for your day, stylists all have their areas they excel in. Always view their media pages and attend showcases to ensure the décor captures the feeling you so wish.

Through meeting your stylist you should hear their passions and visions based on your thoughts. It should fill you with confidence that your day is going to look beautiful in the means of love and décor for years to come. Always choose one that trusts in your vision.

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Along with the venue itself, the styling of the venue can account for a large amount of a wedding budget. From the chair covers to the aisle petals, there are many elements that need to be chosen, and all this comes at a cost and can ramp up spending. When choosing the style for your day, I always recommend writing a list of the styled elements starting with the highest priority, this way you can ensure that when you’re working to your budget you can work in order of priority. When choosing your supplier don’t forget you can make some great savings choosing one of our WVSA Accredited suppliers.

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Help and Advice

As a venue stylist myself, it’s important your stylist has an eye for detail. When it come to creating the perfect day, ensuring all the finer details are in place ultimately creates the bigger picture. Always base your decision on the passion for detail for your chosen style.

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For any further guidance, or Venue Dresser recommendations simply contact your Bespoke Wedding Planner!

Happy Planning!

Olivia x

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