By Maria Napper.

How to conquer those wedding worries!

Getting married is one of the biggest and best days of your life. It creates feelings of love, excitement, happiness, and joy. It can however also can feel like a roller coaster of emotions that can be overwhelming, unknown, and out of your comfort zone. As Bespoke wedding planners we aim to offer our couples reassurance, guidance, and support for your wedding so you can relax, sit back, and enjoy every special moment! One principal factor to remember is you are not alone, and will not be the first couple to feel these worries and anticipation.

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Concerned about what other people think and expect from YOUR day?

One particularly important rule to remember is the two most important people on your wedding day is the both of you. Everyone attending the big day are close family and friends – your nearest and dearest. They all love and care for you and want what is best for you. After months/years of planning it is crucial that you stop, take a deep breath, and observe every little detail that will make this day a day to reflect and treasure forever. Take time to have time out for the both of you to soak in all the ambience of the venue, all the thoughts and ideas that you collated and envisaged, all the planning, hopes and dreams are finally a reality!

How will the day run smoothly?

With the help and support of the wedding venue, family, and friends. A wedding itinerary is what most couples like to put forward with timings for the day. The venue has the expertise when it comes to running the day, as they hold numerous weddings throughout the year. Always try to consider their ideas combined with yours to offer a balance to the day. Timings are good however not everything runs to plan. Try not to clock watch or panic about this, they are there as a guide not a rule book. You want the atmosphere to feel relaxed and enjoyable, not forced or rushed.

Have we forgotten something?

As the day draws closer couples worry what if we have not got this, should we have got that, what do we need to remember. When the day arrives all the suppliers and operational team will do everything, they make sure it exceeds your expectations. Focus on the positives and excitement of the day rather than looking for things to go wrong. All the preparations are in place and the day will be a memorable, special day with all your guests. Remember to consider the on the day planning service with your planner. We can help to offer help on the day of the wedding ensuring all the ideas from start to finish run like clockwork.

What if the weather is awful?

The weather is something that we cannot plan for and can be very unpredictable. Whatever the weather, come rain or shine the venue will know all the photography highlights for those magical shots. Photographers are always prepared to embrace whatever the weather brings to make sure the photographs are as stunning as ever. This is something out of our control, so it is not worth stressing over as the outcome cannot alter. We always have rainy day options and alternatives, so you cover every eventuality.

I am worried about being the centre of attention.

Some couples love being centre of attention on their big day, others can suffer from anxiety, panic, and fear. Every guest at the wedding loves and cares for you both and will help to ensure that they offer support and encouragement to deal with those feelings. Try to focus on each other, with support, love, and affection to help ease these concerns. It is important not to overthink, take deep breaths, and look forward to the positive, exciting elements of your special day.

Will suppliers create my vision and expectations?

 All of your suppliers are experts in their field, so once they have your requests and ideas, they will collaborate with you to achieve the best they can for the big day. Our accredited suppliers at the WVSA offer the best service and discount for our couples.

Couples spend time imagining and discussing their vision and ideas with the suppliers and planners. They feel in control of these and know how they want the venue to look on their arrival. As the day draws nearer, that is when couples start to worry and feel elements are now out of their control. To help overcome this worry you need to trust in the expertise of the supplier and allow them to create the vision to the best of their knowledge and experience. Booking our WVSA accredited suppliers through your planner will help to prevent any worries as they are talented, dependable and offer the most professional vision for their clients.

 Couples may overthink during their planning process; however, it is so important to not spoil the exciting plans and build up to the wedding day.

Try to remain optimistic about having the perfect day and enjoying every second. The day goes so fast so relax, enjoy, and celebrate the happiest day of your life.


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Sanity saving tips to help those wedding worries:

  • Always make you two the priority, be available for yourselves, a nice walk, yoga, meditation, and relaxation. Self-care and mindfulness are essential.
  • Delegate tasks to family & friends and off load any worries or fears.
  • Set realistic expectations and try to stay focussed and organised.
  • Consult with your wedding planner and venue to share ideas, stay on track, and use their skills, advice, and suppliers.
  • Try not to overthink, always remain positive and focus on the excitement of planning.
  • Try not to compare to other weddings and add pressure, every wedding should be unique and personalised to you two.
  • Always put your needs and thoughts first, do not worry what opinions others offer, we are all different and want different things from the day.
  • Communicate open and honestly about what is important to you.
  • Rest, relax and enjoy the process.


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We are all human and will have wobbles along the way, but it is important how we address these. As planners offering the Platinum Wedding Service, we want to assist you in having the best experience, fun and look forward to your wedding day. Wishing you all the best for the future from us all at Bespoke weddings.

Maria xx

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