By Georgina Elliott.

How to personalise your wedding.

The number of times I speak to couples and they say “we want to do this, but we aren’t sure” or “we want people to know its personal to us but don’t know how”. Within five minutes of talking to them and figuring out how they met and what they like. We’ve thought of something cool that just makes sense for them.

So to help, I’ve made a list of things you can plan on personalising for your special day.


Music is the easiest one to do, you’re probably going to do this one without realising. But a lot of couples just pick songs because they think they will work. Really dive into this. Songs that were playing when you met, Songs that mean something to you, bands that you went to see live together. There are so many aspects of the day that will demand a song that means something to you; Walking down the aisle, back out of the ceremony, first dance, song to walk into the wedding breakfast to. Even music that is playing in the background during your wedding breakfast. Not all your guests will understand the meaning behind them but you two will.


Image reference – WVSA Supplier – George Simpson Music


Table Names

If you’re just having table numbers at your wedding and you’re trying to come up with ways to make it more personal. My advice to you would be to scrap the numbers. Think of houses you’ve lived in. Holiday destinations you’ve been to. Names of pubs you’ve visited, maybe tube stops, or train stops you may have had to stop at to visit one another.



I think when it comes to a wedding, everything should get a sign. From sweet stations, to photobooths and evening food. You could call the finger buffet options different things, pizzas from the pizza van. Maybe even if you get a mixologist in you can come up with some hilarious cocktail names! – Get creative.



Are there suppliers that again mean something to you guys? Met at an art gallery? Have an illustrator. Met in Italy? Get a Gelato truck. Had your first kiss on bonfire night? Get fireworks. Really tap into what personal touches remind you of special moments.


Guest Book

You might have a guest book anyway. But don’t have a book if you don’t like books! A lot of suppliers now do post-boxes for your guests to post a letter to. Or an audio recording booth or a video booth to leave a short clip for the couple to play back. Maybe get them to sign a globe if you like travelling or leave their fingerprint on a tree stencil. There are all sorts of ways guest can leave their mark on your special day.


Table Plans

Maybe you could do personalised notes to everyone, or golden tickets. I’ve seen one couple have all nicknames for their guests that they as a couple have called them, that the guest maybe doesn’t know they are referred as, and guests have had to figure out what their nickname is!


Image reference – WVSA Supplier – KM Stationery



When in doubt, create a logo and pop it everywhere. On invitations, place cards! Have it stencilled on the cake. Or a hashtag! Get guests when they post pictures of your day to add the hashtag in the caption. Even suppliers when showcasing work from your wedding. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to elevate your day!

Happy Planning. And don’t forget, get creative!

Georgina x

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