By Heather Brandon.

How to pick your Wedding DJ!

Whether you want everyone on the dance floor doing the Cha Cha Slide or are looking for some romantic, soft background music; your wedding DJ is a huge part of your big day! One of the best ways to keep your guests entertained, having fun and enjoying themselves is to have great music playing. So, if you are planning your dream day here’s some tips and pointers for when you are hiring your entertainment to ensure the mood stays upbeat and everyone has a fantastic time.

Wedding DJ

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Dave Dee

Will my DJ just play an iTunes playlist or will I be able to choose my songs?

Your wedding DJ should always cater for what you want to play on your special day and music preferences will differ for each couple! If you have a love for that one Ed Sheeran song or absolutely hate Stevie Wonder – talk to your DJ about it. Ask to have a consultation prior to your big day and you can go through your chosen playlist and what styles of music you want to be played.  Whether you want them to play the Party Classics or if you are after something more unique and tailored; most DJ’s will have their own bespoke style but in the end you and your guests are the ones they are playing the music for!

Top Tip: Avoid any unexpected surprises and send across a Do Playlist AND a Do not Playlist!

Should I pick out the exact song list I want?

Playlists are fantastic for giving the DJ a guide for what you after on the day. Your Wedding day will include plenty of significant moments from entering your reception as a married couple to enjoying your first dance together. Any special songs you would like at these key moments should all be chosen and communicated in advance.  For the rest of the night most professional DJ’s will then read the crowd accordingly and if you have invested in a good DJ then let them work their magic and fill up that dance floor!

Top Tip: Talk to your DJ before the wedding if you are happy for your guests to ask for requests

What’s the difference between different DJ’s?

A DJ can make all the difference to your wedding, so it is worth hiring a professional with experience. They can affect the overall mood of your reception; they can keep the crowd going, create magical romantic memories on the dance floor and also provide a good ol’ party! All DJ’s have their own style and some will also offer additional extra’s such as Light Effects, LED Dance Floor and Smoke Machines. Most suppliers will have websites and links to their social media so you can check out previous examples of their work before booking.

Top Tip: Confirm that your DJ is also able to carry out Master of Ceremony duties and introduce key events if required as well as keeping the flow of the evening going!

Wedding DJ

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Steve the Mobile DJ

Does the DJ need to know the itinerary?

Timings are key so make sure you keep your DJ in the loop! Let your DJ know the plan for the evening along with any key timings such as funny best-man speeches or the romantic First Dance. This is super important so they can keep the smooth running of the night. There will be sentimental moments along with lots of laughter and fun and if your DJ knows when the key moments will take place; they can enhance the mood accordingly.

Top Tip: Most DJ’s will quote for a fixed time for their set for the evening but will often be happy to quote if you wanted them to play for longer. (You may just have to factor in a cost to feed them if they playing over dinner – DJ’s get hungry too!)

What should I look out for when choosing my DJ?

When it comes to your entertainment suppliers; if it sounds too good to be true with the package they are offering, then it probably is! You don’t want a DJ who’s never played at a wedding before and is only using their laptop through a PA system. (I’ve seen it happen – it’s not worth the cheaper price, believe me!)

DJ’s who charge a bit more often use much better equipment and that quality can make all the difference! Most DJ’s will provide all of their own equipment which can include speakers, lighting, microphones, mixer and controller and all the necessary cables. If you are unsure of what equipment they will be using – don’t be afraid to ask! A good DJ will be happy to explain what they will be bringing with them on the day. You are much better off spending a little extra money on a professional trusted DJ who cares about you and your day.

(Don’t forget prices can vary depending on the date and if you DJ needs to travel to your venue)

Top Tip: Consider all of your guests attending and that your DJ can cater for different genres. You may have children or Grandparents who aren’t as keen on Stormzy as you!

Wedding DJ

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Derbyshire Wedding Events at WVSA Venue Shottle Hall

Other questions no-one tells you to ask:

* Do you have Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

* Is your equipment PAT Tested?

* What space do you require for your set?

* Can you dress accordingly to our Wedding Style?

Top Tip: Hire a DJ who is passionate and cares about you and making sure you have the best day of your life!

The evening reception will be where you first enter the room with all your friends and family as a married couple; where you have your first dance together, where you do the funky chicken with your Mother-in-Law or have a touching moment as father and daughter.

Your Wedding is a once in a life time celebration and whatever theme, style or party you are after; your DJ should be there to enhance and create those magical memories. (Even if those memories are your Uncle doing some horrific moves on the dance floor!)

If you are unsure on what is the best DJ package for you – speak to your Bespoke Wedding Planner for more advice, we have lots of WVSA accredited DJ’s to recommend!


Heather xx

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