By Tasha Davies.

How to plan a hen do.

So have you been given the task to arrange the Hen Do?

Hen do’s can always be a tricky one to arrange as you want to make sure it is the best time for the Bride to be. But they are so much fun. Making memories.

There are so many options to think about…

Night out or Break Away? Nightlife or Relaxation?

Hen do

Who doesn’t love a good Spa and Massage??

UK or Abroad?

(If going abroad check the Hotel allows Hen Do’s as some hotels don’t like Hen/Stag Dos.)

how to plan a hen do

So you’re ready to plan…..

First things first, get an idea on guests – who to invite and who not to invite.

Once you have a number of Hens to invite its always best to check what sort of Budget everyone has. Set up a WhatsApp chat so you can run past ideas and costings with the Hens.

If you’re staying away anywhere, organise who will share a room with who. As you don’t want it to be awkward if someone is sharing a room with someone they don’t necessarily want to, or know.

Great Locations for Hen Do’s abroad –

Ibiza, Menorca, Portugal, Cyprus, Benidorm, Marbella, Barcelona…….

The List is endless. But as previously said, check the Hotel is ok with Hen Dos before booking.   

 Once you have chosen the Location the next bit is the Fun part. Activities and Merchandise 🙂

Remember Google is your Friend. Search ideas and Companies who help set Hen dos up.

Many Cities have a Hen Do Planner, even if you don’t want to use them, just ask for advice or ideas. They will help with keeping to a Budget, what’s fun, what caters for Hen dos & qwerky ideas.

Some ideas for City Breaks:

Cocktail Classes • Karaoke Booth • Mini Golf with a Twist • Bar Crawl • Bottomless Brunch • Afternoon Tea Bus Tour • Theatre Trip •     Retail Therapy • Perfume Making Class • Hot Tub Party • Cookery Class • Axe Throwing • Comedy Club • Butler in the Buff • Life Drawing

how to plan a hen do

You may find the ideas you come up with may not suit everyone. But remember it isn’t their day. As long as the Bride to Be is Happy that is the main Priority!

When arranging activities organise them out so you have everything running smoothly, ie timings etc. Give yourself time in-between to freshen up and maybe change outfits.

Plan Cocktail Making classes later in the evening so that runs smoothly onto a bar crawl after?

Then also let everyone know the schedule, that way there is no confusion along the way.

Merchandise Options

We all love a Theme or Fancy Dress, there is so many options you can pick from for a Hen do. All depends how extravagant you want to go.

 Clothing ideas from Sash’s to T-Shirts. Or Head gear? Veil for the Bride……

Even a L Badge.

Everyone in Black and the Bride in White is always a nice one.

 We all know someone who has brought the inflatable Penis (ha-ha) And on that note a certain sort of Straw as well!

Or you may want to make it a more sophisticated vibe……with merchandise that isn’t a statement piece. Options are endless.

Hen Do Games

Its always good to have some games to play whilst out / away.

*Mr & Mrs Quiz. (Is always nice. Let’s see how well they know each other.)

*Prosecco Pong (the classy version of Beer Pong.)

*Truth and Dare Cards. ( I think these are so much fun. And once everyone has had a drink it is hilarious.)

*Never have I Ever. (Find out a little about who you are on a Hen with)

No matter what you decide to do, it will be a great time as you will all be together making it a special night or break away.

Have fun and don’t drink too much 😉

Natasha x

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