By Kayleigh Cartledge.


Firstly, I want to say a huge congratulations to any couple on their engagement, it is an extremely exciting time!

However, with the excitement can also come the panic… This is a quick read to help guide you through the planning of your wedding day to make it as enjoyable of an experience as possible.

I hear from a lot couples that they are worried about trying to keep numbers low due to budget but never want to hurt anybody’s feelings (I completely understand this as I had to do the same on my big day). My advice to any couple worried about this would be…. Don’t worry! 😊

Remember you are not alone… plenty of couples will be going through the same emotions and stress as you, but there are plenty of ways to keep on top of everything and keep calm.

If you have booked your Wedding through Bespoke you will have your own WVSA Wedding Website, which has so many useful features to give you peace of mind. There is an Online RSVP Feature, Gallery Section, links to Local Accommodation, Venue Locations pin pointed on Google Maps and so much more! With the WVSA Wedding Website you also have access to a Table Planner, Wedding Check List, Budget Planner and Wedding Day Timeline to help keep on top of the planning like the boss bride that you are!!

Image reference: WVSA Wedding Website Wedding Check List and Wedding Day Timeline


Remember some things are out of your control…

There are a lot of things that you can control on your wedding day; who accepts your invites and who doesn’t is not one of those things. Those who are able to make it will be in for a treat of a day!

For couples trying to work to a budget and having to potentially cut numbers down, your friends and family will understand. Weddings can be costly and not everyone can invite the world and their dog. If you feel as though you need to be strict then one useful tip could be to work out who’s wedding you went to and did you go to their Ceremony & Wedding Breakfast or Evening Reception.

Some useful tips would be set out your rough number of guests for your budget and use this as your guide when deciding on who to invite. Also consider having an A-List and a B-List!

Image reference: WVSA Suppliers With Love Wedding Stationery


Try and enjoy every aspect of planning!

Your engagement and Wedding Planning is an exciting time as a couple and should be fun, not stressful.

This is also what a Wedding Planner is for – to take away some of the strain that you may feel. I myself absolutely love being a Bespoke Wedding Planner, helping couples plan their big day is just a dream. Use your Wedding Planner as we’re here to help alleviate any additional stress where possible for you, both in the lead up and on the day of your Wedding, should you choose to opt for our on the day planning services.

 Image reference: Musket Photography (Bespoke Wedding Planner Maria Napper).


Don’t get overwhelmed, get advice!

No questions are too bizarre so do reach out if you would like support sourcing suppliers, need help with how the day is going to run or have any queries in the lead up to your Big Day.

I would hate for any couple to feel too overwhelmed and lose their head over something that can and should be avoided.

Enjoy the journey and enjoy your day… After all it is YOUR day!! 

Kayleigh x 

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