By Katie Bettany.

Postponing my Wedding Date. What do I do now?

Unfortunately, this headline has affected so many people, but we have to look to the future.

Postponing your wedding has to be one of the most disappointing and heart-breaking things any Bride & Groom to be has to do. Your wedding may have been cancelled with just a month to go, and now you’re looking at a year left on your countdown. For lots of couples this has been non-negotiable, it’s not been a choice you’ve taken lightly but it had to be done.

A lot of people are in a position at the moment where either the venue has moved their date due to it being closed, or are looking to reschedule dates with the uncertainty of the future. Your date could have been changed because you’ve been out of work recently and now funding your special day is looking challenging?

I am here to tell you that although this isn’t the most ideal of situations, it will pass. That we do know, unfortunately we just don’t know when. Just remember during these times that you’re still going to get to marry the one you love, so what’s another couple of months to wait when you’re going to be together for a lifetime.

Postponing your Wedding

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So, what do you do now?

First, make sure you have the date all swapped with your ceremony venue and your reception venue. For some this maybe one place for other this could include a church. Enquire with the venue to what new options you have. Choosing a new date may also require a bit of a chat with Family, Bridesmaids/Groomsmen etc… you don’t want any of your closet friends/family to miss your new date!

Once your new date has been confirmed with your venue(s), update your wedding planner. They can then request to change your insurance policy for you, as well as the information on your website. So, your then back to having a correct countdown on there.

If your invites have already gone out, or even the save the dates, I am sure the family have been asking you what your plans are regarding your wedding and if its still going ahead. Once the new date has been booked with the venues, update the guests with the new date and the good news that although there is a delay it changes nothing. You still would love them there to celebrate with you and enjoy a slice of cake. You may even find you can get ‘Change The Date’ cards from your stationery supplier if you wanted to send new ones out (but this really depends on when your moving it to, sometimes a simple text/call will do the same 😊)

Postponing your Wedding

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Speaking of cake. You’ll need to move any suppliers you’ve already booked over to the new date. Make sure your thinking about everyone you’ve already booked from Photographers, Venue Dressers to DJs and Makeup Artists. Lots of suppliers are managing to do this with ease. But we also understand some do get booked up, so if your current supplier is booked up or unavailable on your new date, don’t worry! Start by asking your wedding planner to recommend you a new one. We have plenty that we work with and trust so I’m sure, between us we could find a replacement.

As easy as it is to say, don’t worry, and don’t stress! We understand that this is a crazy time and not what you had planned. Don’t forget though you’re still going to get married. It’s a strange time, and it’s sad that you’ve been affected by this. But your friends and family will still be there. You will still get to walk down that aisle. You will still get to have that moment together after you’ve said ‘I DO’ to reflect and then spend the day celebrating. Your dream wedding day will be a dream when it comes. Take these extra few months to find those final finishing touches to make your day extra perfect.

Postponing your Wedding

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Your Wedding Planner will continue to be there for you throughout your planning process and is here to help with postponing your wedding too. Once all the new plans are in place, a new date is set and your Wedding Insurance / Wedding Website have been updated there may be some extra time, until our 8 week check in before your wedding date, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from your Bespoke Wedding Planner during this time, but as always we are all just on the other end of an email or call if you need us! 😊

Stay Safe everyone, Katie xx


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