Round One Winners FAQ’s

Free Venue Hire on selected dates

What exactly have i won as a Round One Winner?

The Round One Prize is for Free Venue Hire on selected dates with your chosen venue. Sometimes the Round One Prize can also include other benefits, such as complimentary ceremony room hire, discounted food & drink, or complimentary accommodation!

My chosen venue does not charge venue hire?

Please bear in mind some venues incorporate a Venue Hire into their prices per head, or packages, so it may not always be clear what they charge directly. If you are ever unsure of the savings you are making through the Competition, just ask your Bespoke Wedding Planner and they will be able to explain them to you.


No, during your show round we will give you a tour of the venue, go through how the competition works in more detail and give you quotes based on your numbers and food & drink requirements. If you wish, you can provisionally hold a date, but no commitments or payments will be required at this stage.

What is a provisional booking?

A provisional booking is where a wedding venue will hold a date for you, usually between 7-14 days, with no commitment. This period of time is given for couples to contact church’s/registrars, read over terms and conditions and arrange deposits. If you decide you do not wish to proceed, after your provisional booking period has ended, the venue will simply release the date.

When will I have to pay a deposit?

Once you have decided on a date, are happy with your quote, and you have confirmed your church/registrar, you will be required to pay a deposit to secure your date with the venue. Deposit amounts vary from venue to venue, but we can often split these into two monthly payments, if needed.

I am worried I won’t be able to afford the Food & Drink?

Please be aware that sometimes we offer discounted food & drink options through the Competition, or cheaper alternative options, that the venue may not offer directly. During your show round we will give you a quote for the food & drink and tailor this as much as possible to your requirements and budget.

What if we can’t afford the deposit?

Finance for your wedding could be one of the easiest and most convenient ways to fund your big day, especially if you have been selected as one of our Competition winners and not had time to save up! Click here to find out about different finance options for your big day.

Is there a time limit to claim our Round one prize?

No, following your show round we give you ample time to decide whether you want to go ahead with booking your wedding through the Competition. If you decide you are not ready to claim your prize, we can select another couple to take your place in the current Competition and freeze your prize, which you can claim at a later date in a future Competition, before any new winners are selected. 

Do we have to use your recommended Suppliers?

No, if you want to do a complete DIY wedding and source all of your own Suppliers that is absolutely fine. Please note some venues may have restrictions on some Suppliers that you have to use, such as fireworks for insurance purposes. You can check if the venue has any such restrictions on suppliers during your show round.

How do i know this is a legitimate competition?

Bespoke Weddings has been running Competitions with top wedding venues across the midlands since 2014. You can read our past winners reviews on our Website, Google or Facebook Page!

Does everyone win Round One?

We receive over 1,000 entries per month to our Competitions. Naturally, as we receive a lot of entries to our Competitions, we are able to select a lot of winners, and having great winning odds is something that we are extremely proud of. Over the past 4 years, approximately only 50% of couples who have entered our Competitions have been selected as Round One winners!

When will we be entered into the Round Two?

Once Round One Winners have paid their deposit to secure their date with their venue, they are entered into Round Two, in date order. Therefore, if you have booked your wedding further in advance, you may have to wait a little longer to find out your results. You will be notified as soon as judging is due to commence. 

Can I bring my children to the show round?

Yes, of course, we just recommend bringing something along to keep them entertained, as there will be a lot of information provided during the show round for you to digest.

What if I decide prior to my show round I am not ready to start planning my wedding?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a show round, as our Bespoke Wedding Planners have to travel to the venue to meet you. If you decide at any stage you are not ready to claim your prize, we can freeze it for you to claim at a later date, we just cannot guarantee the same venues will be available later down the line. 

We hope this page has helped to answer some of the main questions you may have at this stage. If you have any other questions or queries, hopefully these will be covered during your show round, but any that aren’t, no matter how big or small, please raise with your Bespoke Wedding Planner at the end.

We hope you enjoy your show round and LOVE your chosen venue!

Congratulations on your Round One Win and wishing you all the best on the start of your wedding planning journey!

From us all at Bespoke x


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