By Steph Newnes

So, you’ve spent hours imagining your Bridal bouquet and accompanying floristry for your big day… you’ve had quotes and meetings galore before deciding upon the type of flowers, the colour scheme, the size, the shape – the list is endless!

But no-one ever thinks ahead of what they do with such precious memories after the day itself. You wake up as Mrs who’s-a-ma-call-it and suddenly you want a way to take these beautiful flowers home to keep.

Well ladies, fear not – whether you’re the crafty type or you need a specialist to help you save your buds, herein I have a few ideas for you…

First of all, the oldest trick in the book is to press your flowers. That’s right girls, route out the biggest, heaviest old book you can find because it’s about to come to the rescue.

Nip to your nearest stationary shop and get yourself some parchment paper (this will protect the flowers from ink transferring from inside the book). Chop the stems off, pop the paper inside the book and lay out your flowers either on their side or head facing up (you’ll need to lay out the petals so they don’t crush in the wrong direction) then close it up and put a few more heavy objects on top. The beauty is – you can then just leave them there for about 10-12 days!

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Once your flowers are ready, it’s up to you how you present them! A frame works well to display at home, you could even add pictures from your day, or you can add them to your wedding album to surround your photos. If you’re really crafty, clear lockets, keyrings and coasters make for the perfect reminders of your big day.

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Another option would be to dry your flowers by hanging them upside down in a dry, dark place (like the airing cupboard) for a couple of weeks. All you need to do it tie then up with some string and you’re away!

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Once the bouquet feels dry be aware that it will be more delicate! If you want to strengthen them up a little, then you can spray them in clear matte paint – just one coat sprayed from a far will do it! Source yourself a deep box frame to allow for the shape of your bouquet and add little mementos such as photos, a copy of your invites or even gems from your hair accessories. Anything small from your day can be added – be as creative as you like!

If you’re not fussed about retaining the shape of your flowers, then creating potpourri is great way to make the most of the petals. Hold the stem with one hand then pull the petals away from their base with the other, or you can just leave the whole head to dry out in its full shape. After that, just leave them to dry in a bowl in a warm, dark place for a week or two (this will help them retain their scent) and there you have it! Homemade potpourri!

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WAIT. You’re not crafty you say?

No problem. That’s where floral preservation artists and businesses come in. There are a wide range of companies who all go about floral preservation in their own way – but this way generally ends up with your bouquet being preserved in 3D form and then presented in a deep box shadow frame. The bouquet would be picked up or couriered to their workshop, going through a process that can take anywhere between 10 – 18 weeks dependant on the company. Again, if you wanted to add extra touches, most companies will oblige!

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As well as being a Bespoke Wedding Planner, I also have my own flower preservation business, Bespoke Botany, so if you are interested in finding out more or would like a quote, please get in touch;

To see my recent work check out my social media pages;

Any way you look at it – your bouquet and other floral pieces from your day are one of the items that can go to waste. The way I see it, that little extra effort to preserve something so special is 100% worth your time and if you do it right, will hopefully make you smile for years to come.


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