By Kerry Darby.

Top tips for “The Dress” from a former bride.

As a retail addict, I couldn’t wait to get in that bridal shop and try on all those wonderful gowns that I had dreamed of wearing one day! It’s a massive part of the journey and in most cases ends up being one of the bigger costs! A couture outfit tailored to fit your body like a glove! 

But where do you start? I mean it’s not like an outfit you have ever worn before and obviously you want to look your best on the big day, right!?

Firstly, look on-line.  Pinterest, Instagram any social platform will have hundreds of wonderful dress designs at your fingertips.  Try and narrow it down to 3 different styles.

Look at the style and your body shape to eliminate what you don’t want to go for.  You want to bring out your best features and feel comfortable on the day.

Once you have an idea in your head of what you like, make an appointment at your chosen bridal shop.  If you found a designer that you really liked, try, and locate a bridal shop that stocks that brand.

Image reference – WVSA Suppliers – To Love & To Cherish


Take your pictures to the appointment, the staff will get a better idea of what your liking, making it far easier to select dresses for you to try.

Even though you may have ruled out certain types of dresses, I do recommend throwing a curve ball into the mix you never know you may be surprised, and it may turn out to be “The One”.

Give yourself plenty of time to find your dress.  You may be lucky and find it in the first bridal shop or it might leave you more confused and the search will continue!

Take along a someone who would tell you straight! We all have that one friend or family member that is brutal when it comes to total honesty. But their opinion could be a great deciding factor.

Image reference – WVSA Suppliers – Stately Brides

When you have finally picked that dream dress, start thinking about accessories you want to add to complete the look and take them along to further dress fittings to make sure they go.

Another great tip is planning to have your hair and makeup trial done the same day you are going for a dress fitting.  This way you get a sneak peek of how you will look on the day and will help you to finalise the overall look.

Lastly keep the off cuts to your dress.  You may want to use this spare fabric as bouquet ties, pocket square for groom or even for sentimental purposes.

Enjoy the moment, let it sink in, feel like a princess, and be prepared to wow all your guests!  This moment is magic and a memory forever!

Kerry x

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