By Jodie Emslie.

Top tips from a wedding planner and former bridal stylist.

Book your seamstress

If you have purchased your dream dress and need a few tweaks to get that perfect fit, then don’t hang around – start your search for your seamstress. Call around, get a few quotes and ALWAYS check their reviews!! Seamstress’ can be booked up for months, and its one of those things you can brush off and not put on the priority list. You will need your initial appointment to get measured up and discuss what alterations you are having, then the seamstress can get to work on your gown. After this you may go back and everything is perfect, but you also need to accommodate time for final touch ups.

Do I need alterations?

Unless you are buying from a boutique that does all seamstress work in house- then yes. It may just be the length at the bottom dragging slightly, or your stap is a little too loose, but these all make your final look perfect. Plus, you don’t want to be looking over your wedding photos and being annoyed at a loose strap or thinking your dress doesn’t fit your figure perfectly! These final touches really make the difference to your overall look.

Image reference – WVSA Supplier Stately Brides

Plan for a long veil

Chapel and cathederal length veils are stunning, but they are definitely not the most practical. There are several things you can do to make your long veil picture perfect! Firstly, if your veil is quite heavy and embellished, I would advise having invisible button clips on the end of your veil that attaches to your train. This will keep your veil in place during your ceremony and spread the weight along your train, releasing the pressure on your head. This is something your seamstress can do at a small cost.

You will also need to consider your hairstyle, something with a little texture and grip is going to stop that awkward moment at the alter of your veil falling out!!

Have a back up veil. You are going to struggle during your first dance with a highly embellished long veil- so why not have a more lightweight flowy one as a backup. You can have the best of both worlds and pick one of these up for a very affordable price.

Prioritise some alone time

Your wedding day can be very overwhelming. There are lots of people to greet and take pictures with, and so much going on all day. A lot of brides that I have spoken to remember that having 20-30 minutes alone as newly weds really made their day. Whether this is having a private walk around the beautiful grounds of your wedding venue, or sneaking upstairs to have a moment to indulge in your big day and the fact that you are officially newlyweds.

All the planning and build up fall on this one day- lap it up, take it in and be there for each other.

Prep your maid of honour

She’s smashed the Hen Do, helped you pick your dream dress and been your backbone in wedding planning. But what should she be doing on the day? Of course, she is there to celebrate you and your newlywed, but there are a few jobs that she can help with!

Firstly, she is up at the alter with you, so when it comes to the moment where you have your first kiss, she is there to make sure the officiant isn’t in your photo shot! She can give them a gentle nudge to step aside, and your photographer can get the perfect shot!

You will also need a bathroom buddy. Depending on your style of dress, bathroom breaks can be a real task. So, maid of honour can be on bathroom duties! Helping you hold up your dress or just passing you the loo roll you can’t reach. Plus, it makes for funny memories and time for hair and makeup touch ups!

Lastly, she is your best friend, if you can count on anyone to get the party started or be a little bossy so you get everything out of your day you have ever dreamt of – she’s your girl! Sit down the night before the wedding and just make sure you’re both on the same page.

Image reference – WVSA Supplier Elen Studio Photography

Go on your honeymoon straight away

Your big day is over, all the planning and anticipation comes to end, you have made beautiful memories and married the love of your life. Wow it’s a lot to take in!

Jetting off on your honeymoon straight away can ensure the excitement continues, so you don’t feel those post-wedding blues right away. It also gives you a chance to de-stress and re-connect as a couple from all the festivities spent with family & friends and take it all in.

Trust your gut

This is your day. It is about two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together and celebrate their love. There can be so much pressure when planning a wedding to make everyone happy- but nothing is more important than making sure the two of you are happy.

Nobody can take this day away from you, it needs to be exactly what you want, and done how you want. Plus, guests love attending weddings with individuality and quirks, keep it personal- make it perfect.

 Image reference – WVSA Supplier Matt Selby Photography

You are ready for this; you have dreamt of walking down that aisle and marrying the love of your life for so long! It is going to be a day to remember, and you Bespoke Wedding Planner is here to support you with this! Good Luck with everything!!

Jodie XXX

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