By Maria Napper.

Wedding Flower Trends for Summer 2021

I am not only a Wedding Planner for Bespoke Weddings but also Florist of Shamrocks And Forget Me Nots and this blog has lots of info on Wedding Flower Trends for Summer 2021!

Finally, weddings are back on! Couples get to say” I do “after postponing their big day!

Summer is the perfect time to showcase your special wedding day. There are some very sought-after varieties of Wedding Flowers that naturally bloom and showcase their beauty. What is lovely for the Wedding Flowers for Summer 2021 is that couples are using colour palettes that reflect their own personalities and connections.

Image Reference – WVSA Supplier Shamrocks and Forget Me Nots 

Intricate dahlias and fluffy peonies are always popular Wedding Flowers with brides; however, we are also seeing smaller blooms creeping into the spotlight more. The texture of Wedding Flowers is being explored more using both dried and fresh flowers together. Couples are not always wanting greenery in their flowers, but they do not want the flower ball used in previous years.

Every couple will have their own favourite colours and style, but it is the texture and design that make them strike and stand out. So, what are some of the trends …


White and Neutral Wedding Flowers
Statement Wedding Ceremony Backdrops
Spray-Painted Flowers
Dried Flowers and Greenery
Wildflower and Nature-Inspired Arrangements
Encased Florals
Sun Palms
Edible Flowers

Ideas for the bridal bouquet

This is very personal to each bride’s personality, and it is important to remember there are no rules as to what is allowed. Most brides want it to stand out and enhance the beauty of the dress and flowers of the venue. Do not be afraid to be experimental and choose the flowers that reflect your soul, inner love, and beauty.

Previously brides wanted the tidy ball effect with not a leaf or petal out of place.

This has somewhat changed, and shape and composition has varied a lot. The natural, no frill’s rustic theme is now very trendy using a variety of textures and softness to the floral design. The use of wildflowers, dried flowers and pampas grass are extremely popular.

Pale Pinks

Popular pink is always a fond choice of many brides. Pink signifies purity and beauty and is an incredibly soft and subtle shade to add to any colour theme. They perfectly suit the weddings of all seasons and places. Many brides love the peonies and large fluffy head garden roses with soft eucalyptus and succulents.

Image Reference – WVSA Supplier Shamrocks and Forget Me Nots 

Blue and purple

This colour compliments the blue suits worn by many grooms at today’s weddings. It also suits the blue, silver and purple dresses worn by bridesmaids. This colour along with purple offers a strong sense of rest, glory, and royalty. Hydrangeas look stunning alongside the creams and soft lilacs.

Image Reference – WVSA Supplier Shamrocks and Forget Me Nots 

Peaches and creams

Peach is a colour choice for the contemporary bride, add in some creams and it is a real hit for the perfect bridal bouquet. It offers sophistication, romance, and innocence. The perfect blend that compliments each other and offer a natural, softness and elegance.

Image Reference – WVSA Supplier Shamrocks and Forget Me Nots 

These are just a few of many ideas you can use and choosing mood boards as a starting point will help to trial and test your thoughts, ideas, and blends. Whatever you decide this summer will look fantastic and enjoyed by your guests, after an exceedingly difficult time postponing due to Covid restrictions. It is so nice to be able to plan and get excited for wedding flowers once again!!

To discuss your wedding flower requirements further then contact your Wedding Planner for my Shamrocks and Forget Me Nots Packages! 

Maria x 

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