By Aimee-Louise Sumner

Wedding Hints & Tips

As we all know, planning the big day can be completely mind boggling and can come and go in a complete blur and often the smaller things can get missed.

Whilst we concentrate on the larger aspects of the day, such as what flowers to have, who needs to sit by who and of course (a very important decision) …. what menu choices shall we go for?!

There are however, lots of bits that can get forgotten and I would love to share with you all some hints and tips that I try to share with all of my couples.

Wedding Hints and Tips

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Everybody Smile Photography

My first tip is for the ladies (Sorry Gents!). So ladies… lets talk dresses!!

I know most of you have probably been dreaming about the perfect dress since you were a little girl, however, there are a few things you should definitely think about when looking for the dream dress. Although it is most importantly about the look of the dress, you also need to be comfortable. You will be wearing the dress all day so you need to ensure you are able to do the following things when picking The One!

  • Are you able to walk in the dress? All of your guests will be watching you walk down the aisle so when trying on dresses, walk around the dress shop to make sure you can move easily! If you have already thought about shoes too, you may want to take these with you too!
  • Can you sit down in your dress? –Most of the time when you try on dresses, you just stand in the mirror of the shop and admire how gorgeous you look! Whilst we totally recommend you doing this, (because lets face it, you look a million dollars!), have a sit down whilst you have the dress on so you can see if you will be comfortable. You will need to sit down to sign your registar, for your meal and possibly during your evening reception if you have one too many or just need to rest those dancing feet for a while.
  • Can you eat a 3 course meal in the dress? So ladies, I know we all want to show off those figures you have worked so hard for, but, do not forget the wedding breakfast you have paid for! Corset back dresses are perfect for this as they can be loosened slightly if needed after you have eaten.

You’re welcome ladies 😊

Wedding hints and tips

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Everybody Smile Photography

Fellas, we haven’t forgotten you in all the dress talk so the next one is for you… suits!

Of course, all of you will want to look like James Bond and the most dashing groom there has ever been (and we are sure you absolutely will!), but there is also something really important to think about when picking your suit…..the weather! Now, we all know we can never predict the weather in the glorious UK but hear me out! Always take into consideration the time of year you are planning to get married in and not what time of year it is when picking your suit. For example, if you are getting married in the summer but are trying on suits in the winter, putting a 3 piece, tweed suit on may feel great at that moment, but what if you have a heat wave on your wedding day?! Will you be too hot? Think about that material guys!

Wedding hints and tips

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Everybody Smile Photography

So the next few tips are ‘all about you’ (bonus points to those who read that in true Mcfly style!), and by you, I mean you as a couple!

Although its your wedding day, you won’t actually spend an awful lot of time together, which I know sounds totally crazy but for those who have already had their day will completely understand.

As soon as you are married, every single one of your guests will want to talk to you, congratulate you and take the most essential selfie for social media!

You will be completely swept away with the day and before you know it, you are snoring away in the Honeymoon Suite!

The biggest `DO` I recommend is making sure you take some time out of your day to just be together, even if this is just for 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes will stay with you forever! I have listed below a few suggestions on when you can do this without you missing out on any part of your day too much:

  • After you have cut your cake, ensure a piece is saved for you both. Once you have WOW-ed your guests with your first dance and everyone joins the dance floor, slip away with a glass of bubbles and your cake and find a quite spot at your venue… and ENJOY THAT CAKE! Everyone will be too busy busting their moves to notice you have gone and you’ll be back to join them before the Macarena starts!
  • If you want to go for something a little different for your Wedding Breakfast, you can go for a Sweetheart Top Table. Instead of having a long table, you could go for a smaller table, just for the two of you. This way you will be able to spend that quality time together whilst enjoying your first meal as a married couple and also watch your family and friends enjoying your big day too.
  • Some venues that use the same room for your sit-down meal and evening reception will require a little bit of time in between to ensure the room is freshened up for you. If your venue needs this, this is a great time for you to escape for a while. Take a bottle of bubbles to your Honeymoon Suite and have some down time before your evening guests arrive – (plus this is a great time too let the 3 course meal bellies hang out for a while!), you can then get come back to your guests all refreshed and ready to party the night away!

Wedding hints and tips

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Everybody Smile Photography

So before you get too carried away with planning (easier said then done as our Wedding Planners know), sit down together and talk about what you both want. It is important that the day is perfect for you both and you both have a say in how you want the day to be. Try not to let others dictate to you what you should or shouldn’t have. Its your day and enjoy planning this together.

I know I have thrown a lot of points at you here, the most important thing to remember is what your day is all about… the two of you celebrating your love. So as important as all the little details and stresses may seem now, really, as long as you have each other… that’s the most important thing of all <3

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