By Evie Lambert.

Wedding style ideas for all seasons!

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding is your wedding style, and the options can be overwhelming! This blog will hopefully help you to narrow down these options a bit, by providing you with some ideas tailored to each season. So, no matter what time of year you’re getting married, I’ve got you covered!


What do I mean by wedding style?

Your wedding style includes everything from your colour scheme, floral arrangements, venue dressing, stationery, favours and wedding cake. It is the theme that ties all elements of your wedding together and the feeling that your guests will get from your wedding, whether that’s cosy winter wonderland vibes, or fun, colourful, summer energy.


Why is your wedding style so important?

  1. Your wedding style sets the scene for your wedding day, one of the most important days of your love story.
  2. It showcases your personalities as a couple and gives your wedding a unique identity.
  3. It will be your guests’ first impression of your wedding, from the moment they receive their invite, to the moment they take a seat for the ceremony.


How do I choose a wedding style? There are too many options!

Your wedding style should reflect your personalities and styles, and the colours and décor should resonate with you and make you smile.

If you’re finding it difficult to choose, like most couples, one way to really narrow down your options is to focus on wedding styles that reflect the season of year that you’re getting married in. So, let’s start talking ideas!


Spring weddings

As we’re currently in Spring, let’s start with Spring wedding styles. Spring is one of my favourite times of year for weddings as it has some of the best wedding style options, especially if you have the same mentality as me – the more flowers the better!

Idea 1:

Pastel colours make the perfect palette for spring weddings, pair them with fairytale-like wildflowers and pretty bunting, and you have yourself the perfect springtime wedding theme! Imagine ‘The Great British Bake Off’ kitchen, but on a larger scale! P.S. This is a perfect opportunity to have your bridesmaids in different shades of pastel!

Idea 2:

Another great colour palette for spring weddings includes fresh greens and pinks. This colour scheme gives such a fresh and vibrant feeling to your wedding décor that will make you and your guests smile! All shades of pink are also very on trend following the Barbie movie and really bring that fun-factor to your wedding day!

Image reference – WVSA Supplier – Pic 1-3 Enchanted Venue Dressing , Pic 4 Tilly Fudge


Summer weddings

Summer is arguably the most popular time of the year for weddings and it has the most wedding style options of all the seasons. This can make your decision even more difficult, but hopefully the ideas below will narrow down your choices a little!


Idea 1:


One of my favourite summer wedding styles consists of all things bohemian! Bohemian elements, like pampas grasses and macrame, are featured in weddings more and more these days, and they give such an individual and relaxed feel to your wedding day! These elements should be paired with neutral tones like creams, beiges and rustic oranges and pinks.


Idea 2:


This second idea for a summer wedding is a complete contrast to the bohemian theme and consists of lots of colour, flowers and fun energy. Summer weddings are a perfect excuse for a multicoloured wedding filled with wildflowers. You can even take this to the next level by taking a festival-style angle, and adding coloured ribbons and bunting to give it even more fun factor! Lawn games, like mini golf or limbo, are essential for this wedding style!


Image reference – WVSA Supplier – Clares Weddings


Autumn weddings

Everybody loves the Autumn aesthetic, so Autumn is a great time of the year to get married when it comes to wedding styles! Think rich colours and cosy, rustic elements and you have yourself an Autumn wedding!


Idea 1:


Sunflowers, Sunflowers, and more Sunflowers! One of my favourite wedding styles for Autumn is one that gives you that country-bumpkin feeling using rich reds, rustic wooden features (like barrels and crates), and, of course, sunflowers! This wedding style works particularly well in more rustic wedding venues, like country inns or pubs.


Idea 2:


Then we have the timeless burnt orange colour scheme, that will always work so well for autumn weddings! This pairs really well with gold features that add a sophisticated feel to this cosy colour scheme! Cheesecloth table runners in neutral shades are perfect for this wedding style as they give that rustic feeling to your table décor.


Image reference – WVSA Supplier – Enchanted Venue Dressing


Winter weddings

Last but not least, we have Winter wedding styles. There are multiple ways you can go with Winter wedding styles but the options are slightly more limited, so choosing a wedding style for your winter wedding can be slightly trickier. Of course, rich colours like forest green and burgundy work really well for winter weddings, but why not think outside of the box a little bit?


Idea 1:


This wedding style creates a winter wonderland feeling with a pale blue, white and silver colour scheme. Pale blue is a timeless colour choice for your wedding day due to the ‘something blue’ tradition. It can be used in weddings all year round but when paired with silver features, a bit of sparkle and rustic log decor, it creates a dreamy winter wedding style. P.S. This theme is a great opportunity for some DIY table décor, e.g. using pinecones to hold your place cards.


Idea 2:


For a more glamorous and fun winter wedding theme, why not feature lots of sparkle?! Winter is notorious for sequin outfits and going out, it is the perfect party season. With this in mind, why not have some fun with your winter wedding décor and fill your wedding day with disco balls, fairy lights and sequin tablecloths/runners? This wedding style is a perfect opportunity for a champagne tower and sparklers!


Image reference – WVSA Supplier – Pic 1 Leanne’s Cake House, Pic 2 – Clare’s Weddings, Pic 3 – With Love Stationery, Pic 4 – Enchanted Venue Dressing


So, we have now covered all seasons and lots of different wedding style ideas that you adapt and make your own! The main advice I can give for choosing your wedding style is to have fun with it, think outside the box, and choose colours and décor that will make your day and reflect your individuality!


Evie x

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