By Charlotte Walsgrove.

Wedding Suits!

So you popped the question and of course she said “Yes”, the planning begins the date is booked, What’s next?

As the bride usually takes charge of planning the wedding with some of your help, you have the great opportunity to have all the time to yourself and focus on the most important decision for the groom and that is to choose the wedding suit along with the accessories.

Wedding Suits

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Jon Paul Menswear

Where do you start?

I would recommend starting the process at least 6-9 months before your wedding.

Choosing the right wedding suit will give you so much confidence and will ensure you’re the best dressed man in the room!  The key to picking the right wedding suit is to go for contemporary classic, rather than a pure ‘on trend’, with a fantastic fit.  Hopefully I can help guide you through your wedding suit choices to create maximum impact on the biggest day of your life.

The type of wedding:

Formal or informal, and the season or the venue, these details of the wedding help a lot in defining terms of the wedding outfit of the groom. As a type of the wedding attire, the groom-to-be has four classic choices: morning dress, tailcoat, tuxedo or a three-piece suit.

  • Morning dress is for very formal daytime weddings and comprises of a morning coat or half morning coat, waistcoat and trousers.
  • tailcoat is an option which should be worn because your tradition strictly demands it.
  • Tuxedo is a choice if you have planned an extremely formal wedding which would be happening after 6pm. The classic tuxedo with waistband and shawl or peaked lapels always accompanied by a silk bow tie.
  • Above all, especially for a contemporary groom an option that finds its way between the style and the tradition is a fancy three-piece suit. A three-piece suit gives you a lot of choices when it comes to variations of colours and fabrics, according to the type of wedding or season.

Wedding Suits

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Jon Paul Menswear

Unless you’re going to wear a tuxedo at your wedding, waistcoat is essential! The three-piece suit with waistcoat has obvious merits. A groom is expected to be wearing something formal for the ceremony and two-piece suit does not do the justice for the star of the party.

The waistcoat can be either 3 buttons or 4 depending on your choice. If you like the formal and sober groom’s look get a waistcoat that is tone on tone with your suit.

The more polished look can also be achieved with an ivory, cream or a colour that compliments your suit. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your look ask for Mother of pearl button on your waistcoat.

Wedding Suits

Image reference: WVSA Supplier Jon Paul Menswear & Photographer Field Photographic

The colour and the fabric both should be kept in consideration when picking up the dress shirt for your wedding suit. White is the best option, as it makes the colour of the suit pop out and gives you a clean and crisp look matching the white dress of the bride.

It’s no longer essential for the groom’s party to match the colour of their ties to the bridesmaid dresses, you can always be different it’s your day.

Hopefully I have been able to give you an insight on wedding suit trends and it has given you some great groom inspiration! 

Charlotte x 

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