By Kirsty Patrick.

Your Wedding Cake

There are loads of options to make your wedding personal to you, and your wedding cake is a big one! Whether you want to keep it to a particular theme, be a bit more unique, or just show case your favourite colours and flavours. This will help you make the decisions you need in order to ask your Bespoke Wedding Planner to get a quote that’s right for you!

Number of Tiers

This depends on a couple of things; how you want the cake to look and how many you want it to feed. If you want it to feed all of your guests, let your cake maker know and there will be a minimum size it has to be.
As for how it looks, that’s up to you! Do you want a big tall cake or something smaller and/or flatter? Wedding cakes are traditionally tiered cakes, but you don’t have to choose that if you don’t want to.

Image reference – WVSA Supplier Delicious Designs



Most cake makers will have a menu of flavours that you can choose from – there are lots of choices, or if you have a couple of favourites let them know and they can often accommodate your preferences!

You can normally find the menu of flavours they offer on the website, here are just a few examples:

Image reference – WVSA Supplier Treehouse Cakes (pic1) For Goodness Cake (pic 2) Julia Florence Cakes (pic 3) 



So, you’ve decided on how many tiers and the flavours – now onto how it looks! First of all, decide on your icing:

Naked – layers of cake separated with buttercream, but no buttercream on the outside – your cake will be fully visible.


Image reference – WVSA Supplier For Goodness Cake

Semi-naked – thin layer of buttercream to cover the sponge, but you can still see the cake underneath.


Image reference – WVSA Supplier Delicious Designs (pic 1) Treehouse Cakes (pic 2) 


Fully iced – either with buttercream or icing, you will not see any cake through this.

Image reference – WVSA Supplier For Goodness Cake (pic 1), Julita’s Cakes (pic 2) Delicious Designs (pic 3) Julia Florence Cakes (pic 4)



This can be anything you want, this is where you really show your guests your personality! Just a few options to consider; flowers (either real, artificial, sugar or rice paper), greenery, fruit, ruffles, glitter or anything else you can think of – maybe you have a personal thing between the two of you? You could always opt to add this into your cake design! Consider your wedding colour theme when deciding your decoration so everything looks great together.

Image reference – WVSA Supplier For Goodness Cake


Cupcake Tower

If you’re not sure about a full tiered cake, maybe cupcakes instead could be the option for you!

Cupcakes can be decorated exactly how you want, and are really easy for your guests to take home with them.


Image reference – WVSA Supplier For Goodness Cake (pic 1, 2 & 3) Julia Florence Cakes (pic 4 & 5)


Now you have all the information you need to let your Bespoke Wedding Planner know exactly what you want, so you can start getting some quotes!

Kirsty xx


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